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Environmental policy

Find our detailed environmental policy as a PDF here: billerbeck environmental policy.

Environmental policy commitment for the billerbeck Group
At billerbeck, environmental protection is an important part of our corporate policy. We are aware that our activities have an impact on the environment and have therefore set ourselves the goal of minimising or completely avoiding the environmental impact resulting from our business activities.

Consequently, we see it as our duty to reduce any adverse effects on the environment to the minimum possible within the framework of economic and technical possibilities. Environmental protection is an important priority for us, which is why we set the highest standards in this area, which we effectively integrate into all our business processes.

The responsible use of resources and the environment requires the identification and evaluation of significant environmental aspects as well as the fulfilment of defined environmental goals and their verification on the basis of measurable characteristics.

Furthermore, we support an open dialogue on environmental issues and strive to raise and strengthen the environmental awareness of our employees, suppliers and customers. Through information and discussion formats, we promote environmentally conscious behaviour among our employees both inside and outside the company.

Our environmental policy is therefore directed not only at all internal employees, but also at all external service providers of billerbeck Betten-Union GmbH & Co. KG. Colleagues are required to observe and comply with our environmental guidelines in their daily work. Every employee is integrated into our environmental management system and is obliged to eliminate unnecessary environmental pollution.

As part of our corporate duty of care, we are setting out in this commitment letter not only our environmental policy but also the overall environmental objectives and principles of action of our company contained therein:

billerbeck Betten-Union GmbH & Co. KG has set itself the goal of continuously improving environmental protection and ensures the implementation of these guidelines by setting up an environmental management system. Of particular importance are compliance with environmental laws and regulations as well as future-oriented action.

When procuring materials, environmental impacts with regard to origin, use and disposal are always taken into account. Furthermore, the continuous improvement of our environmental performance is a prerequisite for us in the medium and long term and an important contribution to the protection of the environment.

A trouble-free organisation, advanced management methods and the state of environmental technology provide the necessary framework for this. Managers are obliged to apply the management practices in force in their area of responsibility, to constantly monitor their effectiveness and to adapt them to the latest knowledge and requirements.

The suitability, appropriateness and effectiveness of the environmental management system is regularly reviewed through the evaluation of results, internal audits and periodic reporting on operational environmental protection.

Through this declaration, the management undertakes to ensure that all activities in the company comply with the environmental specifications as well as predefined and self-imposed requirements.
Furthermore, we are committed to the continuous improvement and further development of our environmental management system, whose goals and programmes apply to the entire company.

Environmental aspects:

  • Climate and environment (use of fossil energy sources)
  • People (employees, customers)
  • Suppliers
  • Production
  • Water use
  • Use of raw materials
  • Products
  • Packaging
  • Waste management and recycling
  • Shipping and returns management
  • Digitalisation
  • Certifications & seals
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