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billerbeck SALE: Dreamlike sleep at a great price

If you are looking for cheap bedding, the billerbeck SALE section of our online store is the right place for you. Whether mattress or topper, comforter or pillow, for kids or special accessories, here you will find everything you need for your restful and good sleep. Visit our billerbeck SALE and buy our high quality products at a great price easily online.

Comforters SALE: cozy warmth for everyone

In our online store you will find a wide range of different comforters at a great price. In addition to all-season comforters, two-piece 4-season comforters, special summer comforters with cooling effect and warming winter comforters, we also offer cheap comforters for allergy sufferers and children.

Our wide SALE assortment includes cheap comforters with different fillings: Down comforters are the classics among comforters and guarantee a soft and warm feel-good atmosphere. Especially in winter, cheap comforters with down filling are popular due to their cozy properties. You can also find cheap comforters with precious eiderdown in our comforters SALE: because nothing beats the airy softness and immense capacity for warmth of the valuable comforters with eiderdown filling.

But also those who prefer natural fibers as filling material can find cheap comforters in our comforters SALE. We offer high-quality comforters with plant-based filling materials such as bamboo, Swiss stone pine flakes or cotton, as well as comforters with natural fillings such as silk, virgin sheep's wool or cashmere. Cotton and silk comforters have temperature and moisture regulating properties and a cooling effect, making them the blankets of choice for optimal sleep on warm summer nights.

Inexpensive fiber comforters are especially popular with allergy sufferers and vegans. These blankets with a fiber filling come entirely without animal components, are washable at least 60 ° C and absolutely easy to care for.

Pillows SALE: Dreamlike sleep in every position

Back sleepers, side sleepers, stomach sleepers - we have the right and affordable pillow for everyone in our pillow SALE. Pillows should be tailored exactly to your sleeping needs to provide optimal relief for your head and neck during the night. Not only your preferred lying position is decisive for the choice of your personal pillow, but also the lying comfort you personally perceive as pleasant. This decides whether you should rather choose a cuddly-soft down pillow, a cozy and allergy-friendly fiber pillow or a cuddly and optimally moisture-balancing pillow with a filling of virgin sheep's wool or a pillow enriched with Swiss stone pine flakes. Browse through our pillow SALE and find the cheap pillow tailored to your individual needs.

Topper SALE: mattress toppers with a feel-good guarantee

If you love your mattress, you protect it. Yet a cheap topper can do so much more than just provide protection from dirt and wear and tear. With a topper, the comfort of lying in bed increases significantly and thanks to its washability, mattress toppers always ensure hygienic freshness and cleanliness.

In our Topper SALE we carry a wide selection of different toppers, so you will definitely find the right cheap mattress topper for you. If you value easy care, durability and natural fibers, we recommend our toppers with cotton filling. On the other hand, all those who sweat quickly in bed should rather go for a mattress topper with a filling of virgin sheep's wool. Down, thanks to its warming and cozy properties, is the filling material of choice for those who easily freeze in winter. Toppers with a fiber filling, on the other hand, are the all-rounders among mattress protectors, as they are easy to care for, allergy-friendly and vegan.

Mattresses SALE: Good value and good sleep

A high-quality mattress doesn't have to be expensive. Our mattress SALE includes a variety of different mattresses, all at a low price. Viscoelastic mattresses feature excellent pressure relief and are great for allergy sufferers. Mattresses with a barrel pocket spring core provide extra support for the body and are the mattresses of choice for those who tend to sweat. Cold foam mattresses are highly elastic and thus have high point elasticity. Another plus point of these mattresses is their resilience and durability.

Since not everyone has the same lying sensation and is looking for the same lying comfort, we carry in our mattresses SALE cheap mattresses in different degrees of hardness and sizes. Browse our SALE section and find the right mattress for you easily online.

Kids SALE: Cheap kids comforters and pillows for your little darlings

For a good night's sleep, children need age- and child-appropriate bedding. In our Kids SALE you will find matching kids pillows for babies, toddlers and older children as well as age-appropriate kids blankets with different fillings and in different sizes and formats. Down pillows and down comforters give your darling a cuddly soft and especially warming sleeping atmosphere. Fiber pillows and fiber comforters are just as comfortable to lie on and are characterized by high dimensional stability even after many washings at 60 °C. By the way, fiber bedding for children is excellent for allergy sufferers.

Special features SALE: Inexpensive bedding accessories for special moments

Whether you're looking for a special gift or special accessories for your billerbeck bedding, such as replacement buttons or pillowcases, you'll find all kinds of items in our SALE section for special moments that you can use to give others or yourself a little pleasure.

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