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Fibre pillows - cuddly-soft lying comfort

You are looking for a pillow to cuddle, but want to do without animal components in the pillow? Are you an allergy sufferer and looking for an easy-care and easily washable pillow on which you can sleep peacefully and without any problems? Or are you looking for a fibre pillow that suits you, but don't know which fibre filling is ideal for you?

Then our billerbeck online shop is the right place for you. Here you will find comprehensive information on different fibre fillings for pillows. We also stock a large selection of fibre pillows, which you can buy easily and directly online in our online shop.

What do we mean by fibres?

Fibre pillows use textile fibres, which are also known as hollow fibres. The name hollow fibre does not come by chance. This is because the fibres consist of spun threads that have one or even more hollow spaces inside them. Textile hollow fibres are usually made of polyester. The technologically advanced fibers have a variety of positive properties. They are also particularly easy to care for and can be washed at high temperatures.

Our range also includes pillows with a filling of climate fibres. This is a mixture of different fibres which ensures an excellent sleeping climate by balancing out temperature and moisture. At billerbeck, these climate fibres consist of two different material mixtures: From a mixture of hollow fibres and Tencel or Lyocell, as well as from hollow fibres with a filling of viscose (PCM) refined in a high-tech process.

In our online shop, we rely on high-quality and innovative fibre fillings that have been developed by billerbeck itself. This means that we can guarantee not only exceptional quality, but also a particularly high level of functionality, which means that every sleeping need can be optimally catered for.

What properties do fibre pillows have?

The fibres in our pillows are generally processed into small balls. This special ball shape not only gives the pillow bulking power, but also provides elasticity and support. As a result, fibre pillows relieve pressure and provide optimum support for the head and neck. Due to the crimping and the special structure of the hollow fibres, the fibre balls form an infinite number of small cavities, which on the one hand provide an extraordinary lightness and softness. On the other hand, moisture can be absorbed particularly well through these cavities and also dissipated again, which creates a dry and pleasant sleeping climate.

In addition, fiber pillows are characterized by an incredibly soft feel and the cuddly lying comfort and can in this respect quite take on a down pillow.
Allergy sufferers like to use pillows with fibre filling, as they can be washed at 60 °C without any problems, and depending on the product, even at 95 °C, which reliably kills mites. In addition, fibre pillows can be easily dried in the tumble dryer and retain their shape even after many washing and drying cycles. As they do not contain any animal components, the easy-care fibre pillows are also ideal for vegans.

How can fibre pillows be washed?

Another plus point: fibre pillows can usually be washed at 60 °C without any problems, depending on the product even at 95 °C and are suitable for tumble drying. This makes them absolutely easy to care for and hygienic. In addition, fibre pillows retain their shape even after many washing and drying processes. Since they do not contain any animal components, fibre pillows are also ideal for vegans.

What fibre fillings are available for pillows?

Lyocell or TencellTM are plant-based fibres obtained from cellulose and are therefore 100% biodegradable. These fibres are characterised by their particularly moisture-regulating properties and their natural origin. Lyocell is a component of some of our billerbeck climate fibre mixtures.

  • Fibre pillows with filling: AIRTEC micro®

We recommend the AIRTEC micro® fibre filling to all those who like it particularly cosy and soft. The cotton-soft climate fibres were developed by billerbeck itself and consist of a mixture of 70 % polyester and 30 % lyocell (TENCEL TM). Pillows with this micro cuddly fibre filling are reminiscent of down pillows in terms of feel and softness. In addition, AIRTEC micro® fibers are characterized by excellent moisture regulation and outstanding elasticity.

  • Fibre pillows with filling: AIRFLOCKS®

The AIRFLOCKS® fibre balls also come from billerbeck's in-house product development. These climate fibre balls are made of 70% polyester and 30% lyocell (TENCEL TM) and are particularly light and soft as they have a high air inclusion. Thanks to their excellent bulking power, their particularly elastic supporting effect and their excellent moisture management, AIRFLOCKS® ensure pleasant and cosy sleeping comfort.

  • Fibre pillows with filling: AIRFLOCKS® clean

AIRFLOCKS® clean is a fibre ball filling made of 70 % polyester and 30 % Lyocell (Tencel TM). This filling material is extremely durable. Even after frequent washing at 95 °C it remains puffy and dimensionally stable. Due to the lyocell content, the AIRFLOCKS® clean fiber balls can absorb and release moisture particularly well. Thanks to their special properties, AIRFLOCKS® clean fibres are therefore ideal for allergy sufferers.

  • Fibre pillows with filling: AIRMAGIC®

Our range also includes pillowcases quilted with a filling of AIRMAGIC®. This highly functional climate fibre is composed of 40 % polyester, 30 % lyocell (TENCEL TM) and 30 % high-tech refined viscose (PCM) and ensures active temperature and moisture regulation. This ensures an excellent sleeping climate and maximum lying comfort.

  • Fibre pillows with filling: AIRSOFT®

Fibre pillowcases are also quilted with AIRSOFT®. This robust and at the same time particularly soft filling material made of 100% hollow polyester fibers is puffy, cuddly and washable at up to 60 °C.

What is the supportive force of billerbeck fibre pillows?

Our billerbeck fibre pillows are available with soft and medium support.

What sizes are fibre pillows available in?

In our online shop you will find pillows with fibre fillings in the following sizes:

  • 35 × 40 cm
  • 40 × 15 cm (neck roll)
  • 40 × 40 cm
  • 40 × 60 cm
  • 40 × 80 cm
  • 60 × 80 cm
  • 80 × 80 cm
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