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Eiderdown pillows

Eiderdown pillow - Royal sleep

Exclusivity is the second name of the eider down, because more noble and precious it does not go with filling material for pillows. Handwork is the be-all and end-all for eider down. From the extraction of the raw material to the cleaning and processing of the eider down, the work is done by hand with care, attention and a lot of love for the product, which makes this filling for pillows so exclusive and luxurious.

You can find more valuable information about eiderdown here with us, your bedding specialist. Here in our online shop you can also easily buy your personal and exquisite eiderdown pillow online.

From the far north: The eider down

Eider down is a very rare resource. The delicate down comes from the exclusively wild and protected eider duck, which lives on Arctic coasts. Eider ducks brave the extreme climate in the far north with the help of their warming down feathers. Eider ducks use their belly down as a protective and cosy padding material for their nests to keep the eggs and later the young birds warm, regardless of the cold.

How is eider down obtained for our pillows?

It may sound unbelievable, but eider down is actually painstakingly picked by hand from the abandoned nests of eider ducks. Since the birds cannot be bred, eider down comes exclusively from wild birds, primarily from Iceland. Eider ducks are nest fledglers, i.e. the brood leaves the down-lined nest immediately after hatching. Now the eider down can be harvested manually. As the down is contaminated with other nesting material such as hay, sand or small twigs, it must be carefully cleaned before further processing, which is time-consuming and labour-intensive. Finally, the eider down is sterilised to ensure optimum hygiene. Eider down is therefore hand-picked, hand-cleaned and 100% organic.

Why is eider down so special?

Eider down is visibly different from other down: it is larger, more fragile and clearly more branched. Due to their special structure, eider down is strongly bonded together and thus creates a kind of fleece. This bonding plays a decisive role in nature. Breeding eider ducks hide their clutch of eggs when they leave the nest with eider down, which acts like a fleece blanket and prevents the eggs from cooling down even in extreme cold. Thanks to the special fabric-like structure, the eider down fleece can hardly be blown away even in strong winds.

Another feature is the extraordinary bulkiness of the eider down, which allows the down to store air and heat excellently and effectively. And this despite the fact that the eider down hardly weighs anything.

Eiderdown pillows: Luxury for head and neck

A valuable filling material such as eiderdown also needs a cover to match: fine silk jacquard or the finest batiste envelop the precious eiderdown, giving the pillow an additional luxurious touch. Thanks to their special properties, the feather-light eiderdown pillows exude cosy warmth within seconds and thus offer unsurpassed sleeping comfort. In addition, they are temperature balancing, breathable and self-cleaning. As a biological natural product, these luxury downs can also be classified as absolutely ecological and sustainable, especially because of the special harvesting conditions.

In which sizes are eiderdown pillows available?

In our online shop we carry eiderdown pillows in the sizes 40 x 80 cm and 80 x 80 cm.

Can you wash eiderdown pillows?

The self-cleaning properties of eiderdown make eiderdown pillows particularly easy to care for. All you have to do is air the down pillow out well after sleeping and gently rock it back and forth. Please note: Eiderdown pillows must never be shaken or washed.

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