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Duvets - organic, bio, vegan: environmentally conscious sleep

Environmental awareness, animal welfare and sustainability are also a big issue when it comes to bedding. Buying an ecological comforter from responsible sources is a valuable contribution to environmental protection. That's why you can conveniently buy your ecological or even completely vegan comforter from our online store.

Our quilts certified with the independent GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) guarantee you that the processed textiles are made exclusively from organically produced natural fibers. This includes the extremely high product quality of environmental requirements in textile production as well as quality assurance of the entire supply chain. Thus, from the production of organic bedding to packaging, sustainability is independently certified and attention is paid to compliance with social criteria.

What fillings are available in organic comforters?

Organic goose down and feathers:

The classic among comforters. The organic down, which has been tried and tested for generations, is GOTS certified and comes exclusively from responsible and traceable sources, i.e. from controlled organic animal husbandry and never from live animals. Its advantages are obvious. On the one hand it is fluffy soft, on the other hand extremely light and cuddly and at the same time incredibly warm. Organic goose down can be washed at 60 °C and thus easily maintained.

100% organic virgin sheep's wool:

This virgin sheep's wool in organic quality, comes from controlled organic animal husbandry and is GOTS certified. It is popular with those who appreciate heavy, puffy and protective organic comforters. The wool can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture and regulates the moisture balance in the bed. Comfortably warm while being easy to care for, as organic wool naturally repels dirt and neutralizes odors.

100% Organic Cotton:

Cotton is the first choice for those who want to completely avoid animal ingredients and thus want a vegan comforter. The GOTS certified organic cotton comforter absorbs moisture very well, is kind to the skin and easy to care for. In addition, comforters with cotton filling are very popular, especially among allergy sufferers.

Filling enriched with pine wood flakes:

At billerbeck, we have fine Swiss stone pine flakes mixed with organic cotton, organic virgin sheep's wool or organic down. The wood of the Swiss stone pine comes from sustainable forestry, contains essential oils and exudes a pleasant aromatic scent. A piece of nature for restful sleep.

Which cover materials are used for organic comforters?

For our organic comforters, we rely on 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, which has been processed into soft batiste cover. Batiste is a high-quality fabric made of fine threads in plain weave. Thus, it is thin and light, yet strong and feels particularly pleasant on the skin. The popular easy-care cotton batiste from controlled organic cultivation supports the positive properties of the filling through its breathable and thus moisture-regulating fabric.

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