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Swiss stone pine duvets

Swiss pine blanket - forest bathing for the senses

Swiss stone pine is a very special resistant tree, whose wood has amazing properties. The essential oils it contains provide a pleasant woody scent and let you sleep restfully.

The Swiss stone pine

The Swiss stone pine, Latin Pinus cembra, is known by different names: as Swiss stone pine, Swiss stone pine, Swiss stone pine, in Switzerland it is called Arbe or Arve. This pine species grows in the high mountains and has perfectly adapted to the extreme conditions of the Alps, where - as in the Carpathians - it only occurs above an altitude of 1,300 meters. However, it thrives best between 1,800 and 2,800 meters and defies low temperatures down to -40 °C as well as large masses of snow. They can live up to 1,000 years. Their wood is soft, slightly reddish in color and full of essential oils.

Buy bedspread fillings with Swiss stone pine flakes online.

In our online store you can conveniently buy stone pine quilts. You can order the following fillings online:

  • Zirberella® COTTON: 100% organic cotton, from controlled organic cultivation, has been enriched with Swiss stone pine flakes.
  • Zirberella® WOOL: 100 % organic virgin sheep's wool with Swiss stone pine flakes. The wool comes from controlled organic animal husbandry in Austria from selected organic farms.
  • Zirberella® DOWN: The organic goose down and feathers from controlled organic animal husbandry are enriched with Swiss stone pine flakes.

Sustainability: billerbeck stone pine quilts with GOTS certificate.

The fresh, finely planed stone pine flakes in our Zirberella® stone pine quilt come from sustainable forestry. The Zirberella® quilts are part of the Organic range are certified according to the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and meet the highest biological as well as social standards. All materials in organic quality come from controlled organic cultivation, animal components such as down and feathers from organic animal husbandry. The high-quality fabrics are pleasant to the skin and cuddly and meet the highest standards in terms of sustainability due to their environmentally friendly production and recyclable packaging.

In which sizes is the Zirbendecke available?

Our stone pine quilts are available in the common standard size 135 x 200 cm as well as in the oversize 155 x 220 cm.

What is the best way to wash and clean a Zirbendecke?

How a stone pine blanket should be washed and cared for does not depend on the material to which the flakes have been added. The following applies to all blankets: they must not be washed or cleaned! Instead, air the blanket regularly and thoroughly so that bound moisture can escape. In order to unfold their effect, the Swiss stone pine flakes need a certain degree of residual moisture. So make sure that the blanket is not dried too much.

Swiss stone pine quilts for different seasons

You can buy bedspreads with Swiss stone pine flakes from us for different seasons and for the transition. You can get the stone pine quilt as a summer quilt in the heat level light. Just as as a year-round blanket or for the transition in the heat level medium.

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