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Allergy Topper - Top for allergies

Unfortunately, more and more people are experiencing how agonizing an allergy to dust mites can be. Those affected suffer from itchy noses, watery eyes and blocked noses that make sleeping difficult or even almost impossible. Do you know these symptoms? Do you often have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep at night because of these symptoms and often feel tired and exhausted in the morning? If so, you may be one of the many people who suffer from an allergy to dust mites.

In our billerbeck online shop we stock numerous allergy toppers that are specially tailored to the needs of allergy sufferers. Browse through our extensive range and find the ideal allergy topper for you. You can also buy it quickly and easily online in our online shop with just a few clicks.

What should I look for in a topper for allergy sufferers?

Since the bed, and in particular the pillow, duvet, mattress and topper, are among the dust mite's favourite places, creating a bed that is as unattractive as possible for mites is the top priority for allergy sufferers. After all, the fewer dust mites there are in the bed, the fewer allergic reactions are caused.

Allergy sufferer toppers: washing is a must

Mattress toppers for allergy sufferers should always be breathable and have excellent moisture management. As a result, allergy toppers create a dry sleeping climate and thus unfavourable living conditions for house dust mites. In addition, the mattress toppers should definitely be washable at at least 60 °C, ideally even boilable. This is the only way to ensure that the mites die off reliably. Our billerbeck allergy toppers meet all these criteria, ensuring restful sleep and relaxed nights.

What fillings are available for mattress toppers?

The filling material of allergy sufferer toppers must be adapted to the special needs of people with allergic reactions. In our online shop, we carry allergy toppers with different fillings that meet the special requirements of these mattress toppers.

Allergy topper with cotton filling

Cotton is a plant-based natural product that is ideal for allergy sufferers. A pure cotton filling not only has excellent moisture management properties, but is also particularly kind to the skin and has a cooling effect in warm weather. Furthermore, cotton is washable at 95 °C and can be dried in the dryer without any problems after washing. Even after frequent washing and drying, toppers with a cotton filling retain their shape and therefore score points in terms of comfort, durability and ease of care - ideal for all allergy sufferers.

Allergy toppers with fibre filling

Fibres are also an excellent filling material for toppers for allergy sufferers. Allergy sufferers can choose from a variety of fibre fillings. Whether climate fibre mixtures, some of which have a cotton or silver content, or pure hollow fibre fillings, there is a suitable mattress topper for allergy sufferers for every sleeping and lying requirement. All of them convince with their pleasantly soft lying comfort, excellent breathability and outstanding moisture-regulating properties. Fibres can also be washed at 60 °C, depending on the product even at 95 °C and then dried in the tumble dryer.

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