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Anti allergy duvets

Duvet for allergy sufferers - fall asleep again liberated

More and more people - especially in industrialized countries - suffer from allergies, especially the so-called house dust allergy. Here, those affected do not react directly to dust, but to the excretions of mites. Depending on the severity, this can manifest itself as itching, watery eyes, asthma or even neurodermatitis.

How do allergies develop?

Allergists assume that various factors come together to explain the increase in allergies. On the one hand, the tendency to allergies is hereditary, on the other hand, the improved hygienic conditions also play a role, where we are exposed to far less dirt from an early age than was the case decades ago. Apparently, our immune system needs exposure to bacteria or moulds in childhood in order to develop in such a way that it is better able to deal with allergens.

As an allergy sufferer, what should I look for when buying a duvet?

The largest food source for mites is skin flakes. They are primarily found on the bedding. Nevertheless, they can penetrate to the duvet in much smaller numbers. Basically, the less allergens, especially mites, can settle on the duvet, the better it is for allergy sufferers. In order to create the most unfavourable conditions possible for mites, you should make sure that the duvet and also the pillow are lightly shaken out after sleep and sufficiently aired. In this way, the moisture produced during the night can escape. The room temperature in the bedroom also plays a role. House dust mites feel at home at a warm 25-30 °C and multiply most then. However, at 18-20°C and a dry room climate with 40-60% relative humidity, the conditions for them are extremely poor.

Which duvet is suitable for allergy sufferers?

Despite all efforts at ventilation and room temperature, mites will settle down. In order to get rid of them, the duvet should be washed regularly at at least 60°C. In this respect, washability is certainly the most important selection criterion when buying a duvet for allergy sufferers. Depending on the filling material, wash the duvet regularly at 60 °C or, if possible, at 95 °C. In addition, the filling material of the blanket should have good moisture management. Stagnant heat and moisture would in turn promote mite proliferation.

Which duvet fillings are suitable for allergy sufferers?

Down duvets

Down is generally one of the most popular duvet fillings. They are indeed also suitable for allergy sufferers, as they are dirt-repellent and above all washable. We also offer down comforters in organic quality. The tightly woven covers prevent down from escaping and reduce the penetration of mites, which allergy sufferers again appreciate.

Duvet made of 100% cotton

Cotton is a classic and easy-care material for duvets. It has a particularly good moisture absorption and is usually washable up to 95 degrees. Thus, they meet the needs of allergy sufferers, they are also true all-rounders and the first choice for those who rely on both natural and vegan, non-animal materials.

Fibre duvets

Fiber, also called microfiber or hollow fiber, is especially popular with allergy sufferers because it's breathable, mites have a hard time settling, and the blankets are usually boilable. The climate regulation also allows moisture to escape easily. If you are looking for a vegan duvet, i.e. without animal components, a fibre duvet is also a good choice.

- AIRSOFT®: the blankets made of 100 % hollow fibre are puffy, soft and cuddly, particularly hard-wearing and washable at 60 °C.
- AIRSOFT clean®: these blankets can even be washed at 95 °C and are therefore often chosen by allergy sufferers.
- AIRSOFT plus®: here we use 90% hollow microfibre and 10% Lyocell (silver content), the latter making the blanket even more hygienic and fresh. Very light, cuddly and well comparable to the feel of down.
- AIRTEC®: This is a micro hollow fibre with a high air inclusion, which leads to a high heat retention at low weight. This material is also known from outdoor textiles. It is washable at 60 °C.
- AIRMAGIC®: AIRMAGIC consists of 90 % high-tech refined Lyocell and 10 % AIRSOFT. It offers active temperature and moisture management and therefore creates an excellent microclimate. Highest comfort, silky touch and washable at 60 °C.

Bamboo duvet

Bamboo is a natural fibre and is made from the bamboo root. It absorbs moisture well and releases it again. In addition, the blanket is washable at 60 °C and therefore also suitable for allergy sufferers.

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