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Light as a feather sleeping pleasure with down pillows

If you like it classic, you will love a down pillow. For centuries, the feathers of birds have been used as filling material for pillows. Not without reason, because down pillows are soft, warm and offer a particularly cozy lying comfort. If you want to learn more about down, our online shop is the right place for you. Here you will not only find background information on the subject of down pillows, in our online shop you can also easily buy the ideal pillow for you online.

What is meant by feathers and down?

The plumage of many bird species consists of feathers and down. While the feathers, also called contour feathers, enclose the body of the bird as cover feathers, the down is located under the contour feathers, where it is safely protected from moisture. Characteristic for feathers is the long and quite rigid quill, from which a plume with interlocking feather branches extends laterally. Down or downy feathers, on the other hand, have a short keel with rays of very fine feathers. This special three-dimensional structure provides for innumerable air pockets, whereby down acts like a natural insulating material and protects birds from heat and cold. In addition, down has a very good bulking power, i.e. it quickly returns to its original shape after being compressed. The special properties of feathers and down give pillows their supportive yet soft structure.

Which down is used for billerbeck pillows?

We only use down and feathers for our down pillows. The chill-free and fluffy down of waterfowl has excellent filling power and makes for particularly cosy pillows.

It goes without saying that we do not use any down or feathers from geese or ducks from stuffed fattening or foie gras production or from live plucking for our pillows. Our exquisite down and feathers come exclusively from controlled origins, are certified and guaranteed traceable. All goose fillings comply with the European standard EN 12934 class I.

Since the warming properties of a pillow are negligible, down pillows do not have the same filling material as, for example, duvets or toppers. A pillow is expected to have a supporting effect in order to relieve the head and neck during sleep. Therefore, not only down is used for pillow fillings, but also feathers, because their strong and at the same time elastic structure gives a pillow excellent support.

We carry down pillows with the following fillings:

- Organic goose down and feathers: New, soft and supple organic goose down and feathers from certified organic animal husbandry in Germany.

- Goose down and feathers: High quality, new and with excellent thermal insulation for a soft and pleasant lying comfort. From white geese of controlled origin.

- Down and feathers: Carefully selected and first-class processed down and feathers. From ducks of controlled origin.

Advantages and features of a pillow with down filling?

A down pillow is the classic among pillows and not without reason. Down is a natural material and therefore 100% recyclable and compostable. But it is not only in terms of sustainability and environmental friendliness that down scores points; down pillows are also convincing in terms of lying comfort, support and ease of care. Pillows filled with down and feathers are extremely comfortable and provide optimum relief for the head and neck thanks to their supportive effect. Thanks to their natural ability to insulate heat, down pillows are cosy and comfortable. Due to their breathability, down is ideal for those who sweat easily, despite its warming properties. Another advantage is that down pillows can be washed at up to 60 °C. This is why pillows with down filling are also very popular with allergy sufferers.

What are the differences between down pillows in terms of support?

The support of a down pillow depends largely on its filling. The higher the feather content in a down pillow, the higher the support and the firmer the pillow. The more down there is in a pillow, the softer it is. Pillows with a high feather content relieve the head and neck more than pillows with a high down content. The level of support you require from a pillow depends to a large extent on your personal and individual lying comfort.

In our range we have down pillows in the following firmness levels

  • Extra soft
  • Soft
  • Medium
  • Firm
  • Extra firm

How can you wash down pillows?

Contrary to popular belief, down pillows are surprisingly easy to care for. They can be washed in the washing machine at up to 60°C and should then be tumble dried. When washing down pillows, use liquid down or mild detergent. Please do not use fabric softener as this has a negative effect on the natural properties of the down. Before washing and drying, follow the care label on the product.

Our tip: Gently shake your down pillow every morning and let it air out well. This loosens up the down filling, moisture can be easily wicked away and the pillow stays fresh for a long time.

In which sizes can you buy our down pillows online?

In our online shop you will find down pillows in the following sizes:

  • 40 x 40 cm
  • 40 x 60 cm
  • 40 x 80 cm
  • 50 x 50 cm
  • 60 x 80 cm
  • 70 x 90 cm
  • 80 x 80 cm
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