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Anti sweat pillow

With a pillow against sweating you keep a cool head at night

Just like the preferred sleeping position or the preferred degree of firmness of a mattress, the need for warmth also varies from person to person. While one person freezes quickly at night, another may tend to sweat heavily on the head. But what is the reason for this? Individual factors such as age, weight and gender influence the need for warmth at night just as much as external influences, such as the changing outside temperatures in the course of the seasons or a heating system in the bedroom that is turned up too high.

Whether you sweat or freeze while you sleep, both have a negative effect on sleep and therefore nightly rest. We do have some good news, though: A comfortable, well-tempered and dry sleeping climate can be created quite easily with the right bedding.

As the head and neck area is particularly prone to sweating, we stock an extensive selection of anti-sweat pillows with excellent temperature and moisture management in our billerbeck online shop, which you can buy directly online.

Why do we sweat during sleep?

While we sleep, our body loses about half a litre of moisture per night. This does not happen solely through the air we breathe. About two thirds of the moisture is released through the skin. For this reason, not only pillows, but also duvets, toppers and mattresses should be able to absorb and release moisture well and also be breathable.

Which pillow helps with heavy sweating? The right filling is crucial.

Night sweats are influenced by many factors. An unsuitable pillow can be just as much a reason for sweating and freezing during sleep as the wrong duvet. If you tend to sweat at night, you should definitely pay attention to the pillow's excellent moisture management when buying a pillow. This is where the filling materials listed below particularly excel:

  • Full horsepower ahead - pillows against sweating with horsehair filling.

Horsehair is one of the classics among pillow fillings. The special properties of horse hair make these natural pillows particularly valuable for all those who tend to sweat. Horsehair or tail hair is not only incredibly elastic and dimensionally stable, it is also breathable, temperature regulating and can absorb and release large amounts of moisture. Horsehair pillows thus ensure a dry and well-tempered sleeping atmosphere and restful nights without sweating during sleep.

  • Pillows against sweating with pure new sheep's wool: soft, warm and yet absolutely not sweaty

Even if you may not believe it at first glance because you automatically associate wool with cosy warmth, pillows with virgin sheep's wool are also suitable for all those who sweat easily in the head and neck region. The natural filling material is shaped into balls in our billerbeck pillows. This means that pillows with pure new sheep's wool not only have excellent bulking power, but also have a particularly temperature-balancing effect. Overheating during the night is prevented with a pure new sheep's wool pillow, as excess heat is excellently dissipated.
In addition, pure new sheep's wool can absorb a particularly large amount of moisture, namely up to 30% of its own weight. Nevertheless, a pure new sheep's wool pillow never feels clammy or damp. This is because pure new sheep's wool releases the absorbed moisture seven times faster than textile fibres, for example. Another plus point is the self-cleaning and odour-neutralising properties of virgin sheep's wool, which means the pillow stays fresh and hygienic for a long time.

CONCLUSION: With the right pillow you can prevent sweating during sleep

Night sweats are not only uncomfortable, they also make for restless nights. To prevent night sweats in the head and neck region, you should always use a pillow that is adapted to your personal heat requirements. Natural fibres such as horsehair or virgin sheep's wool are the filling materials of choice here and guarantee a dry and pleasantly cosy sleeping climate without sweating on the head. Because a good day begins at night.

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