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Natural duvets

Sleep healthy and natural with natural duvets

Nature itself has produced wonderful materials that are excellent fillings for duvets. On the one hand, there is filling material based on animal hair, because what warms and protects the animal can also provide a comfortable sleep for humans. In this case it is mainly virgin sheep's wool, camel hair, cashmere and silk. On the other hand, there are duvet fillings for natural duvets based on plant fibres such as cotton or bamboo.

Natural duvet with virgin sheep's wool - sheep's clouds for the duvet

Duvets with virgin sheep wool are among the most popular in the natural duvets category. It is easy to explain why this is so. The filling material for duvets is naturally dirt-repellent, cuddly and has many small air pockets due to its typical crimp. These result in the filling being temperature-balancing, regulating excess heat and thus protecting against overheating at night. Sheep's wool in a duvet also ensures a warm and dry sleeping climate, as it can absorb about 30% of its own weight in moisture without feeling clammy or damp. The absorbed moisture is released seven times faster than is the case with many textile fibres. This is ideal for all those who tend to sweat at night. In addition, virgin sheep's wool as a natural duvet filling has the property of binding and neutralising acids, bases and other chemicals; potential odours cannot arise in the first place.

We use pure new wool for our natural quilts and of this only the best back wool. That is, sheep's wool that comes from live sheep and is therefore of a particularly high quality. After shearing, the wool is thoroughly cleaned. We have helped to develop a washing process in France in which the wool is cleaned as far as possible without chemical additives using the wool's own lanolin (also known as wool wax or wool fat). We also offer natural duvets made of virgin sheep's wool in organic quality, which are produced according to the strict social and ecological guidelines of the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

Thanks to the self-cleaning properties of virgin sheep's wool, it is not necessary to wash the natural duvet. Air out the duvet extensively so that the absorbed moisture can escape completely. In this way the natural hair will return to its original shape. Please do not lay directly in the sun.

Natural duvet with camel hair - the warm gold of the desert

The exclusive natural material camel hair as duvet filling convinces above all by its excellent sleeping climate. Compared to virgin sheep's wool, camel hair is lighter and softer because it is a particularly fine hair. It is hydrophilic, which means that it absorbs moisture well - up to 30% of its own weight - and releases it again quickly. Camel hair is light woven, which means that even thinner blankets provide a high level of warmth while being light in weight.

Because of its breathability, a natural duvet with camel hair is ideal in summer or in the transitional seasons, as it both warms and cools. One does not freeze at night and sweats just as little. The camels have to withstand the extremes in the desert: great heat during the day and sensitive cold at night. With their fur they are perfectly adapted to these conditions, from which we can also benefit - with a camel hair blanket. Natural blankets with camel hair are available with different filling weights, depending on the desired degree of warmth, from "Summer Light" to "Warm ++".

Camel hair is not sheared, it falls out of the animals by itself and is collected. It is then thoroughly cleaned and prepared for further processing. That is why camel hair is a particularly animal-friendly and resource-saving natural material. Due to its limited availability and manual extraction, it is also a little more expensive than other raw materials.

The best way to care for natural duvets with camel hair filling is to shake them out every morning and air them thoroughly so that the moisture absorbed overnight can be released back into the air. Camel hair has a high self-cleaning power, which is why it does not need to be washed. However, should this be unavoidable, we recommend that you have the natural duvet professionally cleaned.

Natural duvet with cashmere - precious natural hair from the Himalayas

An exceptionally precious filling for natural duvets is cashmere. Cashmere duvets are loved for their extraordinary softness, which invites you to touch and snuggle in.

Cashmere or cashmere wool consists of the hair, or more precisely the undercoat of the cashmere goat. The extraction is characterized by manual work and accordingly elaborate. Once a year, the hair is combed by hand from the belly of the living animal, cleaned and sorted. Here the yield is just 80-100 g per animal, which explains why this so fine, extraordinarily light and rare cashmere hair fetches a high price, especially when it belongs to the top qualities from China, Mongolia or Tibet. As the cashmere goats live in the high altitudes of the Himalayas at around 6,000 metres, they have to cope with extreme cold. This is why the natural hair has an unusually high heat retention capacity despite its softness, silkiness and lightness. It also compensates for high temperature differences and can absorb 25-30% of its own weight in moisture and release it again easily. This makes the natural duvet with cashmere ideal as a summer duvet as well as a winter duvet.

With such an exclusive, natural material, which can be extracted so gently for animals and the environment and which also has such outstanding properties as a natural duvet filling, the demand far exceeds the supply. To ensure that you enjoy your Cashmere duvet for a long time, we recommend that you carefully shake it out every morning and air it out. This is usually sufficient, cashmere should not be washed. If there is no way around it, it is better to play it safe and have the cashmere duvet professionally cleaned.

Natural duvet with silk - the cool flow of silk for a summery sleeping climate

Our natural duvets with silk filling (tussah or wild silk) are especially appreciated as summer duvets. Its soft smoothness and cooling effect, a silk duvet is understandably preferred especially on hot and tropical summer nights. With the same filling weight as a pure new wool blanket or a filling with camel hair, a silk blanket has a lower heat retention, which is desirable in the case of a natural summer blanket. As a result, you do not sweat as easily while sleeping. Similar to virgin sheep's wool, tussah silk can absorb 30% of its own weight in moisture and expel it quickly. The chemical-organic structure of wild silk reveals that it resembles human skin, allows it to breathe, has a pleasant stimulating effect and is kind to the skin.

Tussah silk is obtained from the cocoon of the tussah moth, a butterfly belonging to the genus Antheraea and the peacock moth family. After it has left this as a butterfly, the cocoon is further processed. The tussah silk thread does not come to the length of the thread of the mulberry moth (breeding silk), as it is interrupted in several places by the hatching hole of the butterfly. Tussah silk is not unreeled, but the fibers of the chicken-sized cocoons are dissolved in hot salt water and debased. Degumming - a type of washing - ensures that the silk is freed from the potentially allergenic silk glue.

Natural duvets with silk can be washed at up to 40 °C in some cases. Please be sure to follow the instructions on the care label. Use a mild detergent or a special silk detergent and do not use fabric softener. Wash the silk duvet in the wool wash programme, not in the silk programme. Please spin the natural duvet at a maximum of 800 revolutions/minute. The tumble dryer, drying on the heating or in the sun are taboo. Place the damp quilt on a clothes horse and carefully pull it into shape. Allow to dry thoroughly and only then cover. In this way, all the positive properties of your silk duvet will remain intact for a long time.

You can find a washing instruction for your silk duvet as a video here

Natural duvet made of 100% cotton - robust, comfortable and vegan

A natural duvet with cotton belongs to the classics of duvet fillings. This is not surprising, since cotton has an excellent moisture absorption. Sweat is optimally absorbed and generally feels extremely pleasant on the skin. Cotton quilts are hard-wearing, robust all-rounders that can be washed at temperatures of up to 95°C in some cases. They still retain their shape and do not felt. Please always follow the care instructions for the blanket. Our natural cotton duvets are available in all warmth levels - from "summer light" to "warm ++", so that there is a suitable cotton duvet for every season.

Cotton comes from the seed hair of the mallow-like perennial plant of the same name. Its walnut-sized fruit consists of a capsule with about three to five compartments that burst open before the final ripening, thus releasing the seed hairs. Maco cotton, originally from Egypt, is the best type of cotton in the world. This is "long staple" cotton. In the USA, on the other hand, the less tear-resistant "short staple" cotton is mostly planted.

Natural duvets made of the renewable raw material cotton are popular with allergy sufferers because of their washability and particularly good skin compatibility. Above all, our cotton duvet is a vegan duvet and thus represents an animal-free alternative to other natural duvets. For those who pay particular attention to sustainability, for example, our Organic range is just right. Here you get cotton duvets in organic quality. In addition, these have been certified with the GOTS seal (Global Organic Textile Standard) and thus follow high ecological and social standards.

Natural duvet with bamboo - the summer can come

For the natural duvet with bamboo the bamboo fibre is used, which is produced from the bamboo root, which in turn is processed to cellulose. Bamboo fiber is ecologically valuable and sustainable because of the rapid growth of the plant - up to 10 cm per day. It is a vegan and resource-saving raw material and does not need to be treated with herbicides or insecticides during its growth. The material retains its natural defenses against pests or fungi even after it has been processed.

With bamboo you get the advantages of a plant fibre as well as an ease of care that is otherwise only known from artificial, synthetic fibres. This is due to the fact that the bamboo fibre, as a cellulose plant fibre, is spun into a continuous thread in the textile industry and has similar properties to viscose.

Natural duvets with a filling of bamboo fibres ensure optimal moisture absorption and release during the night and thus a breathable, dry climate. This is why bamboo duvets are perceived as cooling and fresh and are ideal for summer. They are lightweight, yet offer a good, puffy overall volume and feel soft and comfortable.

Bamboo duvets are kind to the skin, thanks to their ability to absorb perspiration. They are antibacterial and help against skin inflammations, they are hypoallergenic and therefore attractive for people with allergies, also because the blankets are washable up to 60 °C, a point that is especially important for allergy sufferers who react to dust mites. In addition to its durability, it convinces with its dirt-repellent properties: dust has no chance to settle in the fibres. Let the light and natural charm of bamboo fibre in natural duvets convince you.

In which sizes are natural quilts available?

Our natural quilts are available in all standard and oversizes:

  • 140 x 220 cm
  • 135 x 200 cm
  • 155 x 200 cm
  • 155 x 220 cm
  • 200 x 200 cm

Natural duvets are available all year round

Duvets with natural hair or natural fibres are available in different warmth levels, covering the special warmth requirements for all seasons:

  • Summer Light (SL)
  • Light (L)
  • Medium (M)
  • Warm (Duo)
  • Warm + (Duo plus)
  • Warm ++ (Trio)
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