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4-Seasons duvets

4 seasons duvet

4-season duvets - cleverly combined

If you want to enjoy the benefits of an excellent duvet, but don't want to have to change completely between the seasons, 4-season duvets are the perfect solution. Buy your duvets from our online shop and benefit from our personal advice.

What are 4-season duvets?

With a 4-season quilt - also called a duvet or combination quilt - a light summer quilt with a lower filling weight and a quilt of medium warmth with a higher filling weight are buttoned together. This is done by means of press studs. An air cushion forms between the two blankets. This creates a particularly warming quilt. More individual and effective for people who react more strongly to temperature differences is the use of two blankets - one for the warmer and one for the colder season. Summer duvets have light fill materials that have little heat insulating effect and good temperature regulating properties.

Together they make a warm winter blanket. If you take them apart again, you can use either the light summer duvet for the warm season or the medium-warm duvet for the transitional seasons of spring and autumn. So all seasons are covered individually or in clever combinations.

Which 4-season duvet is right for me?

Which four-season duvet suits you best depends on your sleeping and temperature needs. There are different levels of warmth that are combined here. It is best to consider which warmth level is most comfortable for you in summer, winter and the transitional seasons and base your purchase on this. In most cases, the heat levels "summer light" or "light" and "medium" are combined, which in turn results in a heat level of "warm +" for winter.
You can finda detailed overview of the different warmth levels here.

What we recommend for a 4-season duvet

With the four-season duvet, you have the advantage of a one-time purchase and great flexibility. By combining two duvets of different thicknesses, you enjoy a wonderful sleeping climate. You do not sweat, but have enough comfortable warmth in bed. However, please also pay attention to your personal preferences here. A knitted blanket is heavier than a special winter blanket. If you prefer a light and particularly warm blanket in winter, then a real winter blanket, e.g. with down filling, may be more suitable for you. If you like things simple and uncomplicated, want to be able to react to the temperatures of the seasons and still want a single solution, you will appreciate a four-season duvet.

Fillings of the 4-season duvets

For our 4-season duvets we use fibres such as the excellent MAGICFILL®95, AIRTECH® or AIRSOFT® hollow fibres. These fibres are particularly moisture-friendly and suitable for allergy sufferers, while also being extremely breathable.

These sizes for 4-season duvets are available to buy online

- 140 x 220 cm-
155 x 200cm-

135x 200 cm-

155 x 220 cm-

200 x 200


How do I wash my 4-season duvet?

Thanks to the advanced hollow fibre fillings, the duvets are particularly easy to care for, hygienically fresh and machine washable at 60 or 95 °C.

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