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Swiss stone pine pillows

Swiss stone pine pillow - gently scented to find peace

Our Swiss stone pine pillows are soft, cozy and aromatically scented pillows with an organic down or organic virgin sheep's wool, to which very fine Swiss stone pine wood flakes have been added. Swiss stone pine has been known for centuries. It is used to make beds, furniture and wall coverings, among other things, because its pleasant, aromatic and fragrant woody scent ensures restful sleep.

Thanks to our pillows with stone pine flakes, you can have the aromatic scent of stone pine in your bedroom without having to get a completely new bedroom furniture. In our billerbeck online store, we carry high-quality, cozy and soft stone pine pillows that you can easily buy online.

The Swiss stone pine: a coniferous tree of the high mountains

The Latin name of the stone pine is Pinus cembra. In German, it is known as Zirbelkiefer, Zirbe, Zirm or Zirbel. In Swiss German, the tree is called Arbe or Arve. The stone pine belongs to the pine family and grows exclusively in the high mountains of the Alps and the Carpathians from an altitude of about 1,300 meters. The pine finds optimal growing conditions in the mountains between 1,800 and 2,800 meters above sea level. Due to its distribution, the Swiss stone pine is naturally adapted to extreme climatic conditions. It is particularly frost-hardy and can survive temperatures of -40 °C and immense amounts of snow unscathed. Swiss stone pines can live up to 1,000 years. They have a reddish to reddish-brown colored wood, which is light and rather soft. Due to a high content of essential oils, it exudes a pleasant aromatic scent.

Restful sleep thanks to the aromatic scent

Swiss pine wood is rich in essential oils, which are released into the air and create a pleasant woody scent. Due to the essential oils you can sleep restfully.

We use the Swiss stone pine wood flakes for the pillows and blankets of our Zirberella® range. Due to the pleasant aromatic scent, you will sleep restfully and regenerate during the night. Because if you sleep well and deeply, you will have gained strength for the next day, you will be refreshed and able to perform.

Swiss stone pine pillow: Wellness during sleep

In today's world, where hectic pace, stress and perpetual availability determine not only our professional life, but also more and more our everyday life, problems falling asleep and staying asleep and a constant inner restlessness are the order of the day. If you find yourself in these lines, our stone pine pillows could be just right for you. The essential oils are an aromatherapy for all senses. With them, you can create a cozy atmosphere of well-being and relaxation in your bedrooms.

With which fillings and covers are Swiss stone pine pillows available?

We have Swiss stone pine pillows with two different fillings in our Zirberella® range: Organic down and feathers and organic virgin sheep's wool. Both filling materials are GOTS-certified and come from controlled organic animal husbandry.

  • Swiss stone pine pillow with organic down

The Zirberella® Down pillow promises a cozy yet optimally supportive lying comfort thanks to its filling of organic goose down and feathers. The organic down and feathers come exclusively from German white geese from controlled organic animal husbandry. The cover of the pillow is made of 100% organic cotton (soft batiste) from controlled organic farming.

  • Swiss stone pine pillow with organic virgin sheep's wool

Our cuddly and soft Zirberella® Wool pillow is filled with small balls of the highest quality organic virgin sheep's wool, to which Swiss stone pine wood flakes have been added. The virgin sheep's wool of the stone pine pillows comes from selected organic farms in Austria. The stone pine pillow is covered with a removable cover made of 100% organic cotton (soft batiste) from controlled organic cultivation. The cover is washable with liquid wool detergent at 30 °C.

Sustainability: the be-all and end-all for us, even with Swiss stone pine pillows

The Zirberella® pillows contain an admixture of fresh and finely planed Swiss stone pine flakes, which come from sustainable forestry. Our stone pine pillows are exclusively available in certified organic quality and bear the GOTS seal. The GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) stands for highest quality in compliance with ecological and social aspects as well as strictest animal husbandry criteria.

How do you clean stone pine pillows?

The answer is simple: stone pine pillows must not be washed or cleaned. However, we do carry Zirberella® pillows with removable covers in our assortment, which can be washed separately according to the care instructions on the product.

All stone pine pillows should be gently shaken and aired regularly. This loosens up the filling and allows moisture to escape. Please note that Swiss stone pine flakes require a certain amount of residual moisture for optimal effect. Therefore, stone pine pillows must not be allowed to dry out too much.

In which sizes are pillows with Swiss stone pine available?

Our Zirberella® pillows are available in the sizes 40 x 80 cm and 80 x 80 cm.

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