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The topics of environmental friendliness, sustainability, social responsibility and animal welfare are also becoming increasingly important in relation to quilts and their manufacture. For all those who value a comforter that comes from ecologically, ethically and socially responsible sources, where great consideration is given to animal welfare and which may even be completely vegan, we at billerbeck, your experts on the subject of sleep, recommend our high-quality and environmentally friendly organic comforters.

Production of GOTS comforters

Our organic comforters are all GOTS certified. This Global Organic Textile Standard guarantees that the manufactured comforters are 100% from certified organic cultivation or certified organic animal husbandry. GOTS certification guarantees worldwide compliance with prescribed and strict standards throughout the entire production chain - from the cultivation of raw materials to quilt manufacturing and packaging.

Which materials and fillings are suitable for the production of organic comforters?

In our extensive range we have organic comforters with covers made of organic cotton and fillings made of organic goose down and feathers, organic virgin sheep's wool and organic cotton.

Production of covers from organic cotton

Our organic comforters are covered with a cover made of high quality cotton from GOTS certified organic cultivation, which underlines the high quality, sustainability and ecological sense of responsibility of our comforters production.

Production of fillings from organic goose down and feathers

We also offer this classic comforter filling in GOTS certified organic quality. Our high-quality organic down comes 100% from controlled organic, species-appropriate and responsible animal husbandry and is never obtained from the live animal. Traceability of the raw material is guaranteed by the certification.

Production of organic virgin sheep's wool fillings

The GOTS-certified organic virgin sheep's wool comes from species-appropriate and controlled organic animal husbandry and convinces with excellent moisture management, high self-cleaning power and extraordinary thermal insulation.

Production of organic cotton fillings

Our vegan organic comforters with cotton filling from 100% controlled organic farming are suitable comforters for all those who want to refrain from animal components in bedding.

Enrichment of the filling with Swiss stone pine flakes

Our stone pine quilts are enriched with stone pine wood flakes and come from sustainable forestry. For this purpose, all fillings of the stone pine quilts have been GOTS certified and come from controlled organic animal husbandry or controlled organic cultivation.

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