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Cold foam mattress - Sleep comfortably on cold foam

If the name cold foam mattress makes you think of shivering at night, we would like to reassure you. Cold foam mattresses can store heat excellently and are therefore particularly suitable for people who are sensitive to cold and prefer to be warm in bed at night. The "cold" in cold foam mattress comes rather from the manufacturing method of this type of mattress, which we would like to explain to you in more detail below.

Cold foam mattresses are among the best known and most popular types of mattresses. And not without reason. Because this mattress is hard-wearing, robust and durable, extremely point-elastic, breathable and really comfortable. In our online shop you can find out all about the many positive properties of cold foam mattresses. Here you can also buy the optimal mattress for you quickly and easily online with just a few clicks.

What is a cold foam mattress?

The name already tells us: This mattress consists of cold foam, which is also known as HR foam (HR from "high resilient") or highly elastic foam. From a purely technical point of view, this refers to foamed polyurethane, a synthetic material that is absolutely harmless to health.

Production of a cold foam mattress

In the production of a cold foam mattress, the still liquid polyurethane base is foamed and hardened in a special process. High temperatures are not necessary for this. The cured cold foam is then cut into blocks and further processed into mattresses.

What are the advantages and properties of a cold foam mattress?

They can be constructed quite differently. While some models consist of only one thick layer of cold foam, the core of other mattresses has special inserts on the outer sides that are supposed to provide even more comfort in different lying zones. This means that there is a suitable mattress for every subjective sleeping comfort and every individual lying requirement.

  • Pressure-relieving

What they all have in common is a mattress core made of open-pored cold foam, which is not only highly elastic and point-elastic, but also has exceptional pressure-relieving properties, which is particularly beneficial for people who suffer from back pain and tension. Cold foam adapts excellently to the contours of the body and supports it at the same time.

  • Breathable and moisture regulating

Perforations in the core of our billerbeck cold foam mattresses improve lying comfort as well as air circulation and breathability. Furthermore, thanks to its open pores, cold foam has excellent moisture-regulating properties. The moisture released by the body is optimally removed, creating a hygienic and dry sleeping atmosphere.

  • Ideal for all those who tend to freeze in bed.

In addition, the countless air bubbles enclosed in it can store heat excellently and thus ensure a pleasantly warm sleeping climate.

Structure of a cold foam mattress: optimum lying comfort thanks to waves and nubs

Special profiles incorporated into the cold foam mattress provide a different surface structure in different areas of the mattress core in purely visual terms. They are usually wavy, but can also have dimpled structures. These surface profiles and the holes, particularly in the pelvic and shoulder areas, create the ergonomic lying zones in billerbeck cold foam mattresses.

What is a 5- or 7-zone cold foam mattress?

Depending on the product, our cold foam mattresses have 5 zones or 7 zones, which provide the body with special support and pressure relief at important points such as the head, shoulders, pelvis or legs. Additionally incorporated and coloured comfort zones, which are usually located in the shoulder, pelvic and lumbar areas, or core inserts in the pelvic area, as in the case of our billerbeck AIRTEC® Exclusiv cold foam mattress, also ensure optimised and ergonomically perfect lying comfort.

All these features make sleeping on a cold foam mattress from billerbeck particularly comfortable and ensure peaceful sleep and relaxing nights.

Who is a billerbeck cold foam mattress suitable for?

For shivery and heat-loving people, a cold foam mattress is certainly the right choice. But even those who suffer from back pain and tension will appreciate the highly elastic, pressure-relieving and wonderfully supportive lying comfort.
Due to their excellent supporting effect and extraordinary permanent elasticity, these mattresses are suitable for back sleepers as well as for stomach and side sleepers. A cold foam mattress is also ideal for lighter persons or those who move and turn frequently during the night.

The cover of our billerbeck cold foam mattresses

High-quality covers round off the high comfort of the mattresses. The material of the mattress cover can vary depending on the model and consists, for example, of high-quality double cloth made of a cotton/polyester mixture, pure polyester or a mixture of polyester, lyocell and elastane that has been refined with silver. All covers of our cold foam mattresses can be removed with the help of an all-round zip and are washable at 40 °C or 60 °C depending on the product.

Regular turning of a cold foam mattress

Cold foam mattresses can usually be used on both sides and should be turned over at regular intervals. Almost all mattress covers have special turning loops for this purpose.

Volume weight of the cold foam mattress: durable, resistant and lightweight

The volume weight is also important for cold foam mattresses, because it is an indication of quality and durability. They are basically lighter than other types of mattresses due to their construction. Nevertheless, the mattress should have a volume weight of at least 40 kg per cubic meter to ensure that the mattress core is of high quality and flawless.

What sizes are billerbeck cold foam mattresses available in?

We stock the following sizes of cold foam mattresses in our extensive range:

  • 80 x 200 cm
  • 90 x 190 cm
  • 90 x 200 cm
  • 100 x 200 cm
  • 120 x 200 cm
  • 140 x 200 cm
  • 160 x 200 cm

In which firmness grades are cold foam mattresses available?

Our billerbeck cold foam mattresses can be purchased in hardness grades H2 and H3, depending on the model and size.

Which slatted frame is suitable for cold foam mattresses?

Please note that cold foam mattresses can usually only be used in conjunction with a slatted frame. You can use any slatted frame suitable for your body shape and stability. Only the billerbeck One-Fits-All mattress Hermine® can manage without a slatted frame due to its special three-layer construction.

CONCLUSION: If you are looking for a durable, dimensionally stable and resistant mattress with an excellent supportive effect, which is just as suitable for people who are sensitive to cold as it is for those suffering from back pain, we recommend buying a billerbeck cold foam mattress. This combines high functionality with exceptional quality and an unbelievably cosy lying comfort. Your sleep will thank you!

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