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Down duvets

The popular down comforter

Down comforter - warmly wrapped in lightness.

The down comforter is still one of the most popular and best-selling comforters of all. Not without reason, because many appreciate its excellent properties, especially in the cold season, when you like to snuggle up in a warm bed. With us, your expert for bedding, you can learn everything about the down comforter and, of course, buy it in our online store.

Production of a billerbeck down comforter:

In the following video you will get valuable insights into how a billerbeck down comforter is made - . Watch video

What is down actually?

Waterfowl have both feathers and down. Down is the name given to the under feathers of these birds, for example geese. The fine, highly branched down with a short keel forms many small air pockets due to its three-dimensional structure, which provide thermal insulation. When down is compressed, it quickly unfolds and returns to its original shape: in other words, it has good bulking power. Due to air pockets as well as bulkiness, down has insulating properties, e.g. geese can regulate cold and heat through it and protect themselves from wetness. We humans have been using these advantages for our comforters for a long time.

Which down is used for the down comforters?

For the billerbeck down comforters, the down is subjected to a strict quality inspection and carefully selected. The chill-free, fluffy down is ideal for warm yet heavenly light beds.

Certificate of the billerbeck foundation SLEEP & HEALTH
"Guaranteed traceable certified down and feathers from ducks and geese".

For this, we only use down and feathers and guarantee that the geese and ducks were not kept for stuffed fattening or foie gras production and were not plucked alive. Only down from controlled origin, species-appropriate husbandry and not from live animals is processed.

We guarantee this with the certificate of billerbeck foundation SLEEP & HEALTH. This means that the down and feathers of the geese and ducks are certified and guaranteed traceable back to the egg. No live plucking means that only the down and feathers of the animals that are used for food production anyway are used.

We offer the following variants in our down comforters:

  • 100% goose down: Traditional fillings of white goose down promise heavenly sleeping pleasure - The beautifully mature, particularly large-fluff and voluminous white goose down from billerbeck captivate with their wonderfully soft feel. They offer - despite their lightness - a very high heat retention. Given the weather conditions in their habitat, especially the temperature fluctuations, the white geese form large-fluff down. Due to their large volume, these trap much more air than comparatively smaller down. The air insulates the heat in the comforter and you sleep in a particularly cozy sleeping climate.These white goose down is particularly valuable because it is only available in small quantities.
  • Organic goose down and feathers: Cuddly and soft organic goose down from controlled organic animal husbandry. The production takes place under strict monitoring of organic standards.
  • Goose down and feathers: White down and feathers with good bulking power, elasticity and a pleasant sleeping climate.
  • Down and feathers: Select and new down and feathers that have been expertly processed.
  • Down with Swiss stone pine flakes: Fine Swiss stone pine flakes have been added to these down comforters, which contain essential oils and let you sleep restfully.

What are the properties and advantages of a down comforter?

Down has quite amazing advantages as a natural filling material. They are wonderfully cuddly, cozy soft and at the same time extremely light, especially if the down percentage is high. The higher this is and the larger the down fluff itself, the higher the air trapping and thus the insulating capacity of the down comforter. This special heat retention is felt in bed as cozy, protective, you just feel safe.

About the mixing ratio of down and feathers you can enjoy even more advantages. Down comforter and down pillow differ from each other in the sense that down, which is particularly warm and soft, is mainly used for the comforter. The pillow, on the other hand, also has a supporting function, so that here one increasingly falls back on the somewhat firmer and more elastic feathers.

A down comforter provides a particularly good climate in bed. It is breathable and therefore very popular with people who tend to sweat at night. This is either prevented by down comforters or the resulting moisture is simply expelled.

How to wash a down comforter?

A down comforter is easier to care for than many think. You can wash it at home in the washing machine up to 60 °C and dry it in the tumble dryer. Down is naturally stain resistant and does not need to be washed before first use. Wash your down comforter as rarely as possible, regularly only if you should sweat heavily at night. Although down is washable, it may lose a little of its positive material properties with each washing. Please use a special down or delicate detergent for washing. Do not use fabric softener, otherwise the fine hairs may stick together and the positive properties of the blanket will be reduced. Please be sure to follow the care instructions on the sewn-in label. Otherwise, you should gently shake your down comforter every morning and air it out well: Take the blanket by the long side and then move it. We strongly advise against firm shaking or the use of carpet beaters, as this can destroy the down. Following these simple rules, you will enjoy your blanket for a long time.
Washing instructions as a video

Is a down comforter suitable for allergy sufferers?

The down comforter with its natural filling is actually very popular among people allergic to house dust as an alternative to the fiber comforter. Since you can wash down, you keep the number of dust mites as low as possible.

Are down comforters environmentally friendly and sustainable?

As a natural product, down is recyclable and compostable. Our contribution to animal welfare is that we obtain our down from partners who extract down under high standards. In addition, we offer organic goose down and feathers, which are subject to even stricter sustainable conditions of the seal GOTS and come from controlled organic animal husbandry.

In which sizes and formats are down comforters available?

Down comforters are available in a wide variety of sizes. Please make sure that the format fits your body measurements and the size of your bed.

We offer the following down comforter sizes:

  • Comforter 135 x 200 cm - the single comforter in standard size.
  • Comforter 140 x 220 cm - the comfortable single comforter, perfect for people under 1.80 m.
  • Comforter 155 x 200 cm - even more space in the width to snuggle up.
  • Comforter 155 x 220 cm - plenty of space for those taller than 1.80 m.
  • Comforter 200 x 200 cm - double blanket to stretch out with or without a partner.
  • Comforter 200 x 220 cm - double blanket to stretch out for tall people.
  • Comforter 220 x 220 cm - square double blanket for two.
  • Comforter 200 x 240 cm - you decide whether you need the long or the shorter side.
  • Comforter 220 x 240 cm - Perfect for couples, enough space not to get in each other's way.
  • Comforter 240 x 240 cm - the giant square, also fits basketball players.
  • Comforter 240 x 260 cm - only in separate beds you have more space.

The down comforter - perfect for all seasons

Down possesses not only warming, but also temperature balancing properties, which create an excellent microclimate in bed. Thanks to blankets in different heat levels, you can sleep in down all year round.
In order to prevent the individual downs from slipping in the down comforters and to prevent cold bridges, inner webs are sewn into the comforter in a square arrangement, forming a cassette shape. Due to this, down comforters are often called cassette comforters.

The height of the inner bars (2, 4, 6 or 10 cm) determines the amount of filling in the individual cassettes, which has an effect on the different warmth levels. This means that the higher the inner bar, the higher the heat level, the warmer the down comforter. Due to a higher individual cassette with more down content, a better heat cushion is formed and ensures good air trapping.

  • Summer Light (SL): This summer down comforter is the lightest and perfect for the hottest days of the year.
  • Light (L): A pleasantly light down comforter for the summer, with which you can sleep wonderfully.
  • Medium (M): Whether in the transitional season or if there is a constant temperature in your bedroom between about 17-20 °C, as the most popular heat level, this down comforter is the ideal companion for you night after night.
  • Warm (Cassette II): You can use this pleasantly warm down comforter for the transition as well as throughout the winter. For your information, the down comforter Cassette II has an inner ridge of 2 cm.
  • Warm + (Cassette IV): For the cold days in winter or for people sensitive to cold, this down comforter with increased cuddle factor is suitable. For your information, the down comforter cassette IV has an inner ridge of 4 cm.
  • Warm ++ (Cassette VI): Properly warm wrapped in the down soft winter comforter, all frostbite survives the low temperatures during sleep. For your information: The down comforter cassette VI has an inner ridge of 6 cm.
  • Warm +++ (Cassette X): In extremely cold temperatures, this down comforter is your ideal protection from the cold. For your information, the down comforter Cassette X has an inner ridge of 10 cm.
  • 4-seasons (SL + M = W+): With this flexible down comforter you are ready for any season. Whether spring, summer, autumn or winter: Due to the different heat levels of the individual comforters, you can adjust the comforters to the temperatures at any time.
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