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Natural pillows

From nature - natural pillow with natural hair filling

How peaceful and comfortable is a night on the right natural pillow. Because not only the duvet and mattress influence the quality of our sleep, the pillow is also significantly involved. The dream of a restful night's sleep can also be realised with natural pillow fillings. Natural pillows with natural hair fillings such as virgin sheep's wool or horsehair are classically used here. Thanks to their warming and at the same time supportive properties, horsehair and virgin sheep's wool have long been among the most popular natural filling materials in the pillow segment.

In our billerbeck online shop you will not only find information about pillows with natural fillings, you can also easily and simply buy the right natural pillow for you online.

Natural pillows with horsehair filling: well supported thanks to horsehair

For a natural pillow filling made of horsehair, also known as tail hair, the shorter, stiff and robust hair of the horse is used.

  • Features of natural pillows with horsehair filling:

For a natural horsehair pillow filling, which is also known as tail hair, the shorter, firm and robust hairs of the horse are used. The horsehair we use as pillow filling is first carefully cleaned and dried. Then the tail hair is spun and twisted into a kind of cord. By spinning and twisting the horsehair into a cord, the horsehair is crimped and the resulting spiral shape gives it a natural bounce. After twisting the cords, the crimped horsehair is manually filled into the pillows.

Horsehair has been used as an upholstery material since time immemorial due to its exceptional supportive properties. As a natural pillow filling, tail hair impresses with its excellent elasticity and extraordinary dimensional stability. Horsehair pillows have a firm supporting force and have a particularly pressure-relieving effect on the head and neck. In addition, horsehair is breathable, temperature regulating and also has the ability to absorb and release large amounts of moisture. If you tend to sweat in the head and neck region, a natural pillow with horsehair could therefore be just right for you. A dry and warm sleeping atmosphere for a relaxed and restful sleep - with a horsehair pillow you can fulfil this wish.

  • Natural pillow with pure new sheep's wool: sleep soft as cotton on sheep's wool

If you are looking for a natural pillow to cuddle and feel good, you can't go past pillows with virgin sheep's wool filling.

  • Properties of natural pillows with virgin sheep's wool filling:

Hardly any other natural pillow filling material promises such cuddliness, comfort and warmth. The wool in our billerbeck pillows is rolled into small balls. This gives the virgin sheep's wool excellent bulking power and ensures that the pillow retains its shape and relieves pressure. Head and neck are excellently supported with our billerbeck pure new sheep's wool pillows. The amount of moisture that pure new sheep's wool can absorb and also release is remarkable. Thanks to these moisture-regulating properties, natural pillows with a virgin sheep's wool filling are ideal for anyone who tends to sweat in bed. In addition, a natural pillow with virgin sheep's wool has a temperature-balancing effect: excess heat is dissipated and overheating is prevented during the night. Virgin sheep's wool is also characterized by its ability to neutralize odors and self-cleaning.

Are natural pillows with virgin sheep's wool also available in organic quality?

Do you prefer filling materials in organic quality? Then you have come to the right place. In our online shop you will of course also find natural pillows with a filling of organic virgin sheep's wool. This comes 100% from controlled organic animal husbandry and meets the strict requirements of the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). This most important and globally valid standard guarantees not only the criteria for animal husbandry, but also the traceability of the virgin sheep's wool back to the sheep. However, the GOTS not only stands for species-appropriate and controlled organic animal husbandry, but also for sustainability and compliance with social standards.

What is the cover of natural pillows made of?

Depending on the filling material and pillow type, the pillowcases of our pillows differ. In our online shop you will find pillows with the following covers:

  • Terrycloth (100 % cotton) quilted with virgin sheep's wool
  • Satin (100 % cotton) quilted with virgin sheep's wool
  • Soft batiste (100 % cotton from controlled organic cultivation)

In which support strength are pillows with natural filling available?

Whether you prefer soft or firm pillows, you will find the right pillow for every sleeping need in our billerbeck online shop. Our pillows with horsehair filling have a firm supporting force. Anyone who prefers a medium level of support should go for our cosy pure new wool pillows.

In which sizes are pillows with natural filling available?

Since there are, of course, individual preferences when it comes to pillow sizes, we carry natural pillows in different sizes:

  • 40 x 15 cm (bolster)
  • 35 x 40 cm
  • 40 x 40 cm
  • 40 x 60 cm
  • 40 x 80 cm
  • 60 x 80 cm
  • 80 x 80 cm
  • 70 x 90 cm

How do I wash pillows with a natural hair filling?

To preserve the positive properties of natural fillings, natural pillows should not be washed. However, due to their ability to clean themselves, washing of virgin sheep's wool and horsehair is also not necessary.

  • Washing the pillowcase of natural pillows:

The filling material of our natural pillows is provided with a cover and can thus be completely removed from the pillowcase. You can wash the removable cover at up to 30° C. Please make sure to use a wool detergent for the pillow covers quilted with virgin sheep's wool. Please do not use a full detergent or fabric softener for ours. You can always refer to the care label on the product for exact washability information.

  • Regular care of natural cushions:

The horsehair and virgin sheep's wool fillings should be aired every morning and preferably lying flat, e.g. on a clothes horse. This allows the moisture absorbed by the natural filling to optimally escape from the pillow. Please do not place our natural fibre fillings directly in the sun.

The sheep's wool balls can be carefully fluffed before airing for optimum moisture release. This also increases the bulkiness of the pillow. A horsehair filling should only be gently rocked back and forth, but never shaken.

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