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Duvet filling

Warm, cosy and comfortable - the duvet is designed to keep us warm and protectively wrapped up while we sleep. The inside of the duvet, the duvet filling, is largely responsible for the advantages of a duvet. You can find out which filling is best for you here or directly from us, your bedding experts.

A duvet filling is the inner life of a duvet, which can consist of various natural materials or fibres. Important criteria when choosing the right duvet and especially the filling are:

  • Weight
  • warmth retention or warmth level
  • Good moisture absorption
  • Temperature balancing
  • Breathable
  • High self-cleaning power
  • Cooling freshness
  • Suitable for allergy sufferers
  • Maintenance required

Which fillings are best for duvets?

We rely on a wide range of duvet fillings.

Duvet with eiderdown filling

Eider down is taken from the nests of wild eider ducks in Iceland. This is done very carefully so that the natural habitat and the development of the eggs is not affected. For the most part, the eider down is only removed after the young have left their nest. In addition, some of the down is removed from nests with eggs and carefully replaced with warming straw. The down is then sorted, cleaned and sterilised by hand. Due to the strong bonding of the awns, they have a high air retention with the lowest dead weight. As a biological natural product they are breathable, self-cleaning and ecological. For all those who have a high need for warmth but do not want a heavy duvet. A real luxury product for the highest demands.

Duvet with down filling

Our classic and proven down comes exclusively from traceable sources and extraction and not from live animals. It is cuddly, soft, particularly light and cuddly with a high degree of heat retention. It is also washable and easy to care for.

Duvet with virgin sheep's wool filling

Pure new sheep's wool can absorb a particularly large amount of moisture, up to 30% of its own weight, and release it again quickly. The wool is dirt-repellent, neutralises odours and creates a particularly cosy warmth which can be compared to a pleasant open fire. A pure new wool duvet is relatively heavy compared to other duvets. As a result, they give you an intense feeling of security.

Duvet with camel hair filling

The hair of the desert camels falls off in clumps in the spring; it is then collected and processed. Since camel hair is light-wave, even thinner duvets have a high thermal performance.

Duvet with cashmere filling

The hair of the cashmere goat, which lives in the Himalayas, is carefully combed from the belly once a year. The very soft and fine hair is particularly temperature balancing and breathable and has a high heat retention capacity.

Duvet with silk filling

Tussah silk is a wild silk. Its cooling and moisture-regulating properties (moisture absorption of up to 30% of its own weight) make it a perfect filling for summer duvets.

Duvet with cotton filling

Cotton is a classic material for duvet fillings, has very good moisture absorption and is kind to the skin. Cotton quilts are hard-wearing all-rounders and very washable (up to 95° C). This makes the duvet filling also suitable for allergy sufferers. Because of the purely vegetable basis of cotton, the filling material is extremely popular with people who prefer non-animal, vegan materials. In addition to the classic cotton filling for duvets, we produce the cotton duvet fillings in high quality organic. This comes from controlled organic cultivation and meets the globally recognized GOTS standard.

Duvet with bamboo filling

The bamboo fibre is made from the bamboo root. It absorbs moisture well and releases it again. This makes it cooling and temperature balancing and especially suitable for summer quilts. Sustainable, as it is quickly renewable, and for all those who appreciate a light, yet voluminous duvet.

Duvet with fibre filling

Textile fibres, also called branded hollow fibres, are particularly suitable for allergy sufferers, hygienic, cuddly and odourless. These include Lycocell/Tencel (made from cellulose), but also our own in-house developed fibres AIRSOFT ®, AIRSOFT clean ®, AIRSOFT plus ®, AIRTEC ® and AIRMAGIC ®.

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