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Fibre duvets

Fibre duvet - refined fibres for wonderful duvets

Fibre duvets are becoming more and more popular because they have numerous positive properties due to their sophisticated processing and highly developed technology. They are also easy to care for and fit in their countless variations to the most diverse sleeping needs.

Fibre duvets consist of textile fibres, which are also called hollow fibres or climate fibres. We offer a wide range of fibre duvets, e.g. made of Tencel or Lyocell, which are developed from cellulose on a plant basis, as well as fibres that billerbeck has developed itself. In our online shop you will find a large selection of fibre quilts which you can order directly online.

What are the properties and advantages of a fibre duvet?

Hollow fibres are rightly given their name. They contain countless small cavities, which provide the thermal insulation of the blanket. In addition, it therefore feels light and soft. Due to this bulking power, an excellent exchange of moisture can take place, moisture is quickly and effectively absorbed and easily released again. This property is perceived in bed as a pleasantly dry, well-tempered climate. In addition, fibre quilts retain their shape even after many washes and are virtually indistinguishable from down quilts in terms of feel and touch.

The dryness and breathability make the blanket unattractive to mites, which in turn makes allergy sufferers happy. In addition, most fibre blankets can be washed at up to 60°C, some can even be boiled and all can practically be tumble dried. That's why they're always the best choice when hygiene is paramount. Vegans and others who want to avoid animal ingredients in their comforters also like to reach for fiber.
Conclusion: Fibre duvets are kind to the skin, soft and cuddly, offer an excellent sleeping climate and are not only the favourite of allergy sufferers.

Lyocell (TENCEL TM) fiber duvet - from nature, optimized for sleep

Lyocell (TENCEL TM) fibers - are obtained from the cellulose of wood. The cellulose is dissolved from wood shavings with the aid of a non-toxic solvent. Through several simple chemical and mechanical processing steps, the natural basic structure of the cellulose remains unchanged. You could say that the wood is transformed. A Lyocell duvet differs from other man-made fibre duvets in that it retains all the advantages of the natural material and is 100% biodegradable.

AIRFILL® hollow fibre - airy and light - a summer night's dream

AIRFILL® is a hollow fibre consisting of 100 % polyester with a high air inclusion. Thus it offers an excellent heat performance at low weight. Any moisture that arises is also optimally balanced out. The easy-care and hard-wearing material is uncomplicated to handle and can be washed at up to 60 °C. A great advantage for the needs of allergy sufferers. The covers of our AIRFILL fibre blankets made of 100 % cotton have been refined with aloe vera, resulting in a cuddly and particularly skin-friendly feel.

AIRMAGIC® - magical sleeping climate

AIRMAGIC® is an in-house development by billerbeck and consists of 90% Lyocell (PCM), which has been refined using high-tech processes, and 10% AIRSOFT®. The fibre offers active temperature and moisture management. This leads to an excellent microclimate in the bed and to highest comfort. The blanket feels light and silky. AIRMAGIC® is washable at 60 °C.

AIRTEC® - cuddly and warm light weight

Billerbeck's own AIRTEC® fibre consists of 100% polyester micro hollow fibres. This high-tech fibre impresses with its high air retention. This means that a duvet filled with AIRTEC® fibres is extremely light and at the same time retains a particularly high level of warmth. Moisture is reliably transported to the outside, as the material is moisture-regulating and breathable. It has a high permanent bulking capacity and an above-average resilience. That is why the material is also in demand for outdoor textiles. It is easy to care for and washable at 60 °C, making it suitable for allergy sufferers.

AIRSOFT® - as soft as a breath of air

AIRSOFT® is available in three variants: AIRSOFT®, AIRSOFT® clean and AIRSOFT® plus.
The billerbeck fibre AIRSOFT® consists of 100% hollow polyester fibre. It is soft and cuddly, yet at the same time hard-wearing and can even be washed at 60°C.

AIRSOFT® plus - cloudy bulkiness, silver purity

AIRSOFT® plus is a polyester micro hollow fibre. What sounds technical at first feels heavenly light, puffy, down-like, comfortably warm and wonderfully cuddly. Thanks to a silver content in the fibres, blankets with AIRSOFT® plus filling have a hygienically fresh effect. The 90 % micro hollow fibre content is supplemented here by 10 % lyocell with silver content. Every person produces about half a litre of moisture at night. This is absorbed by AIRSOFT® plus and conducted to the outside. House dust allergy sufferers appreciate the hygienic effect of the silver. In addition, AIRSOFT® plus quilts can be washed at 60 °C.

AIRSOFT® clean - allergy sufferers' favourite: the hygiene champion

AIRSOFT® clean is the first choice for allergy sufferers when it comes to fibre duvets. The quilt filling made of 100 % polyester hollow fibre is extremely stable and hard-wearing and can even be washed or boiled at 95 °C.

What sizes are fibre duvets available in?

Our fibre quilts are available in the following sizes:

  • 140 x 220 cm
  • 135 x 200 cm
  • 155 x 200 cm
  • 155 x 220 cm
  • 200 x 200 cm
  • 200 x 220 cm

Fibre blankets - for hot to frosty temperatures

Fibre blankets are so versatile that there are designs for every season and every need for warmth.

The following warmth levels are available from us:

  • Summer Light (SL)
  • Light (L)
  • Medium (M)
  • Warm (Duo)
  • Warm + (Duo plus)
  • 4-season quilts
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