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Pillow filling

Only those who sleep well and restfully at night can also start the next day rested and fit. Restful sleep depends on a number of factors. In addition to the mattress, the pillow and pillow filling are also crucial for being able to relax in bed and regenerate during sleep. Not only for the body is this phase of shutting down important, but also our head needs to rest in order to recover from the efforts of the day and the many demands of our daily life and to gather new strength.

Choosing the right pillow filling doesn't have to be torture. As long as you pay attention to yourself and your personal preferences, an optimal pillow filling for you can be easily determined.

Do you love to lie on a pillow of a filling of cozy down? Or do you prefer luxurious eiderdown? Comfortable natural fibers such as virgin sheep's wool, horsehair or easy-care fibers are also popular as pillow fillings. No matter which pillow filling you prefer, you are sure to find it in our billerbeck online store. With us you can also buy a pillow with the right pillow filling for you quickly and easily online.

Pillow filling down: sleep soft as absorbent cotton

The pillow filling down is certainly one of the classics among the pillow fillings. Down pillows contain not only the down that gives them their name, but also feathers. These provide the necessary support and firmness in the pillows. At the same time, the down pillow filling is characterized by high and elastic lying comfort and its washability at 60 °C. As a natural product, down pillow filling is absolutely sustainable and environmentally friendly, as it can be 100% recycled and composted.

We would like to inform you that we only use down and feathers from geese and ducks of controlled origin for our billerbeck down pillows, which are certified and traceable from down to egg. No down or feathers from stuffed fattening, foie gras production or live plucking are used.

Eiderdown pillow filling: luxurious resting pillow

The pillow filling eiderdown promises pure luxury. No other down has comparable warming properties as the eider down. Each of the small downs is harvested, cleaned and sorted individually by hand. Therefore, eider down as a pillow filling is a real treasure. The delicate, extremely light and particularly puffy down is also breathable, temperature balancing and has excellent self-cleaning abilities. This is a good thing, because you should never wash an eiderdown pillow. This would destroy the extraordinary natural properties and the special and fragile structure of the eider down. If you are looking for a noble, exclusive and sustainable pillow that promises unsurpassed lying comfort and spreads cozy warmth in seconds, we recommend the pillow filling eiderdown.

Pillow filling natural fiber: come to rest naturally

Pillows with a filling of natural fibers are especially suitable for people who tend to sweat in the head and neck area. This is because natural fibers such as horsehair and virgin sheep's wool can absorb up to 30% of their own weight in moisture and also release it again.

Pillow filling with horsehair:

In addition, horsehair pillow filling is characterized by extraordinary elasticity, but always retains its shape. Horsehair pillows are rather firm and well supporting. As a result, the head and neck are particularly well relieved. Due to its high breathability and moisture and temperature regulating abilities, horsehair pillow filling always ensures a dry and wonderfully warm climate and a restful sleep.

Pillow filling with virgin sheep's wool:

As a pillow filling, virgin sheep's wool has similar properties to horsehair. Also virgin sheep's wool is highly moisture regulating, temperature balancing and breathable and thus provide a pleasant and cozy lying comfort. The virgin sheep's wool is formed into small balls in our pillows, which gives the filling material a high bulking power. This makes the pure new sheep's wool pillow filling particularly pressure-relieving and dimensionally stable. The virgin sheep's wool for our billerbeck pillows comes exclusively from certified organic animal husbandry.

Stone pine pillow filling: aromatherapy in the pillow

The billerbeck stone pine pillows are filled with organic down or organic virgin sheep's wool balls, to which high-quality and aromatically scented stone pine wood flakes have been added. Thus, the billerbeck stone pine pillows combine the excellent and cozy lying comfort of a down or virgin sheep's wool pillow. The wood flakes for our stone pine pillow filling come from sustainable forestry.

Pillow filling fiber: allergy-friendly and easy to clean

Fiber pillows are suitable for everyone who would like to do without animal components in their bedding. Allergy sufferers also like to use fiber pillow filling for their pillows, as it can be washed at a temperature of at least 60 °C. After washing, the fiber pillow filling can be used again. After washing, the easy-care fiber pillows can be easily dried in the tumble dryer without losing their shape, bulkiness and support.

Fiber pillows have a filling of textile hollow fibers, which are characterized by temperature and moisture balancing capabilities and high elasticity. In addition, the pillow filling fiber provides excellent support for the head and neck and relieves pressure. Due to their lightness and softness, fiber pillows generate a similar feel and just as cozy sleeping comfort as down pillows. In our extensive billerbeck range of pillows, we carry a variety of different highly functional fiber fillings and can therefore offer the right fiber pillow for every sleeping need.

Discover the variety of pillow fillings in our billerbeck online store and find the right pillow for you. For a restful night and a restful sleep. Because: A GOOD DAY BEGINS AT NIGHT.

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