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Warming topper - cuddly warm and secure sleep

Shivering in bed can be a real pain. Some people have a tendency to freeze at night, regardless of the season. However, those who suffer from frost can breathe a sigh of relief! Fortunately, there are several bedding products that can help those who are sensitive to the cold stay cozy and warm in bed. A warming topper can provide relief for those who shiver easily and create a well-tempered and comfortable sleeping environment.

In our billerbeck online shop, those who are sensitive to cold will find the ideal warming topper for them. Here you can find out all about which filling material in mattress toppers is particularly heat-retaining. If a warming topper particularly appeals to you, you can buy it quickly and easily online in our online shop.

What do I have to look out for when buying a warming topper?

A warming topper must have certain properties in order to store heat optimally without making us sweat. It helps to take a look at nature: A sheep is warmed by its lush wool. In the plumage of a bird, the delicate down ensures that the animal does not cool down even in very cold weather. Both raw materials, sheep's wool and down, are therefore the filling materials of choice when looking for a warming topper.

Warming topper: The three-dimensionality of the raw material

The special structure of the raw material is decisive for the ability of both filling materials to store heat: pure new sheep's wool is strongly curled and therefore has a large volume. Down is delicate and fine, but the individual feathers are strongly branched and thus create a three-dimensional structure. This special and voluminous structure ensures countless air pockets in virgin sheep's wool and down, which means that heat can be stored excellently. We use this very natural property of the raw materials virgin sheep's wool and down for our warming topper.

Warming topper with virgin sheep's wool filling

As a purely natural product, virgin sheep's wool has a number of advantages: virgin sheep's wool can not only store heat. It also has the ability to dissipate excess heat, which prevents heat build-up in the bed. Furthermore, virgin sheep's wool can absorb an extraordinary amount of moisture, up to 30% of its own weight, without the mattress topper appearing damp or clammy.
All of these properties make warming toppers with virgin sheep's wool filling ideal not only for those who shiver easily, but also for those who tend to sweat. Virgin sheep's wool has excellent self-cleaning and odour-neutralising abilities, which is why mattress toppers with virgin sheep's wool filling stay hygienic and fresh for a long time. As a natural product, virgin sheep's wool is sustainable and fully recyclable.

Warming topper with down filling

Our mattress toppers with a filling of down and feathers not only provide a cosy and warm lying comfort. Due to the proportion of feather, these warming toppers also provide excellent support for the body. In addition, a topper with a filling of down and feathers has excellent moisture-regulating properties and thus always creates a well-tempered and dry sleeping climate.
It may come as a surprise to many that down toppers are also suitable for allergy sufferers without any problems, as they can be washed at 60°C without any problems. However, regular gentle shaking and airing out is generally sufficient to maintain the down's bulking power and to allow any residual moisture to escape.
We only use certified down and feathers from controlled organic animal husbandry for our down toppers, the traceability of which is guaranteed right back to the egg. Our down and feathers are also convincing in terms of sustainability: as a natural raw material, the filling material can be 100% recycled.

Can a warming topper be washed?

Of course our mattress toppers can be washed. Toppers made of virgin sheep's wool can be washed at 30 °C, down toppers even at 60 °C. Please be sure to read the care label on the product before washing.
The warming toppers from billerbeck are surrounded by a high-quality cover made of 100% cotton or a cotton blend, which supports the special properties of the filling material and is at the same time hard-wearing, easy-care and washable.

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