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Anti allergy pillows

Allergy pillow - finally sleep in peace

Do you sleep poorly at night because your nose is stuffy and you can't get much air? Do you not feel well rested in the morning because you may snore or have trouble sleeping through the night? Do you suffer from itchy, watery eyes in bed and notice how your nasal and throat mucous membranes swell up? Then you may belong to the group of people who suffer from house dust allergies.

A small consolation: you are not alone. Allergies are tormenting more and more people. Especially in the western industrialized countries, the number of people affected is constantly increasing. The house dust allergy is particularly widespread.

We can help you to finally sleep peacefully and relaxed again. In our billerbeck online shop, you will not only find valuable information on the subject of allergies, but you can also buy allergy pillows online that are precisely tailored to the special needs of allergy sufferers.

What is a house dust allergy?

House dust allergy sufferers usually sleep worse, because the allergy is a real sleep robber. Although the name may suggest it, a house dust allergy is by no means an allergy to dust found in the house. Rather, sufferers react to the excretions and remains of dust mites, which live not only in dust, but also in bedspreads, mattresses and pillows.

Why an allergy develops can have various causes, according to allergists: On the one hand, a genetic predisposition for the development of an allergy certainly plays a role. In addition, the improved hygiene standards of industrialized countries could be responsible for the increase in allergies, as we come into contact with much less dirt and pathogens from childhood onwards than was the case in the past. It is believed that the immune system learns to deal with allergens best when we are exposed to lots of germs from a young age.

Allergy pillows: What should I look out for?

Allergy sufferers should generally take care to create conditions in their bed that are as unattractive as possible for mites. After all, the fewer mites and thus allergens there are in the bed, the better it is for allergy sufferers. Accordingly, an allergy pillow should be a fixed component in the bed of every allergy sufferer.

Dust mites need food and moisture to survive. They feed on skin flakes, which are found all over the bed and therefore also on the pillow. In order to create an environment that is as dry as possible and therefore as unfriendly to mites as possible, pillows for allergy sufferers should not only be able to absorb the moisture produced during sleep, but should also be able to wick it away well.
In addition, allergy sufferers should gently fluff their pillow after sleeping and allow it to air out sufficiently so that the residual moisture in the pillow can escape. Room temperature and climate also play a role: a rather cool 18-20 °C and a relative humidity of only 40-60 % help allergy sufferers to keep the mite load as low as possible.

Washing pillows for allergy sufferers: This is important!

The washability of an allergy pillow is essential. Because even with extensive airing and a cool and dry room climate, mites still remain in the pillow. It is therefore recommended for allergy sufferers to wash the pillow regularly at at least 60 °C, if possible even at 95 °C, in order to completely eliminate the mites from the pillow.

Which pillow fillings are suitable for allergy sufferers?

  • Allergy pillows with a fibre filling

Fibre pillows are extremely breathable and are particularly good at absorbing and wicking away moisture. As a result, fibre pillows create a dry sleeping climate that is unattractive to mites, but all the more pleasing to allergy sufferers. Another plus point: fibre fillings can be washed at 60 °C, and depending on the type of fibre, also at 95 °C. Allergy sufferers who value a vegan pillow without animal components can therefore choose a fibre pillow without hesitation.

Hint! Allergy sufferers should wash their pillows more often to keep the mites and thus their allergy in check. This makes fiber pillows particularly interesting for allergy sufferers, as they are especially easy to care for and can be washed very often, even at high temperatures.

  • Allergy pillows with a down filling

Down and feathers are not only the classic among pillow fillings, they are also ideal for allergy sufferers. Down's advantages are its washability and its excellent moisture management. In addition, down's natural fat content inhibits the increase in the number of mites. The tightly woven covers of our billerbeck down pillows not only prevent the down from escaping, but also reduce the penetration of mites. By the way, you will also find down pillows in organic quality in our online shop.

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