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Topper against sweating - dry nights guaranteed

Night sweats can have various causes. In most cases, night sweats are caused by a duvet that is too warm, the wrong mattress or temperatures in the bedroom that are too high. Since night sweats are not only unpleasant, but also sleep-robbing, those affected feel as if they are exhausted the next morning, are unrested, unfocused and unable to perform. Fortunately, night sweats can be stopped with the help of the right bedding, as long as they are not caused by physical factors.

The extensive range in our billerbeck online shop includes numerous toppers to combat perspiration. Here you will find important information about the various topper fillings that counteract night sweats. You can also buy the ideal anti-sweat mattress topper for you quickly and easily online in our online shop.

Mattress topper against sweating: What do I have to pay attention to?

To prevent night sweats, the filling and cover of a mattress topper must be tailored to these special needs. A cover made of 100% cotton or a cotton blend has proven particularly effective here. Skin-friendly, hydrophilic, easy-care and hard-wearing - it is not for nothing that cotton or cotton blends are so popular as a cover material for toppers against perspiration. Different raw materials are available as filling material, which we would like to describe to you in more detail in the following.

  • Topper against sweating with cotton filling

Cotton not only cuts a good figure as a cover material, but also as a filling material for mattress toppers against sweating, cotton can come up with all kinds of advantages. Breathable, cooling and with excellent moisture management, a cotton filling always ensures a dry and well-tempered sleeping climate, which is particularly effective in summer. These properties make cotton the ideal filling material for toppers against perspiration. In addition, cotton is easy to care for, washable at up to 95 °C and can be dried in the tumble dryer without any problems after washing. This makes cotton ideal for anyone looking for a natural, vegetable, vegan and uncomplicated filling material for a mattress topper against sweating.

  • Topper against sweating with virgin sheep's wool filling

Virgin sheep's wool is another natural product that is suitable as a filling material in mattress toppers for night sweats. Although virgin sheep's wool has heat-retaining properties, it can also absorb particularly large amounts of moisture, namely up to 30% of its own weight, and never feels clammy. This property, combined with excellent breathability and outstanding self-cleaning and odour-neutralising abilities, makes virgin sheep's wool ideal for those who tend to sweat.

  • Topper against sweating with fibre filling

Fiber fillings are also a possibility for toppers against sweating. Climate fibres in particular, i.e. fibre mixtures of hollow fibres, lyocell (TENCEL TM) and high-tech refined viscose, have an active temperature and moisture management and thus create an excellent microclimate in the bed, which is particularly beneficial for those who sweat easily at night. The easy-care and hard-wearing fibres are also vegan, can be washed at 60 °C and are therefore not only suitable for allergy sufferers, but also for anyone who wants to do without animal fillings in their toppers.

How can mattress toppers against sweating be washed?

Of course, all our mattress toppers against sweating can be washed without any problems. Depending on the filling material and product, the washing temperature varies: cotton toppers can be washed at up to 95 °C, fibre toppers at 60 °C. Both filling materials in mattress toppers against sweating are therefore ideal for allergy sufferers. Sheep's wool toppers remain hygienically fresh and clean for a long time due to the self-cleaning properties of wool, but can also be washed at 30 °C in the washing machine. Please note the respective care label on your product before washing.

All toppers should be gently shaken and aired regularly so that any residual moisture in the mattress topper can escape easily and the special properties of the respective mattress protector are retained for as long as possible.

How sustainable are toppers against sweating?

Our mattress toppers with natural fillings, i.e. cotton and virgin sheep's wool, are 100% compostable and recyclable as purely natural products.

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