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Pillows - to cuddle and dream

The right pillow is indispensable for healthy and restful sleep. After all, we lie with our head and sensitive face on the pillow all night. If a pillow is cuddly, supportive and adapts to the head, it provides relaxation and a perfect feeling of security. We recharge our batteries and wake up refreshed.

The pillows that you can buy online in our store offer numerous advantages that ensure a comfortable sleep. Our materials - both pillowcases and fillings - provide an excellent sleeping climate: the pillows absorb moisture and release it again, they are temperature-balancing and breathable or suitable for allergy sufferers, so that nothing stands in the way of deep sleep and beautiful dreams.

What types of pillows are there?

Everyone has their own habits and needs for a good night's sleep. So diverse is also the range of pillows. Here you will find an overview of the available variants:

  • Pillows:

How do you prefer it? Square or rectangular, thick or thin, with down or fiber filling? With soft or medium support, suitable for allergy sufferers or for heavy sweaters? We offer a wide variety of designs for all types of sleep.

  • Neck support pillow:

A neck pillow relieves the spine and thus prevents tension, neck pain and back pain. A simple as well as ingenious solution.

  • Side sleeper pillows:

The right pillows for side sleepers adapt optimally to the body of the person sleeping on their side and have a supporting and pressure-relieving effect. Convince yourself!

Which pillow suits me?

There is a perfect pillow for every sleep type.

  • Pillows for back sleepers:

Should not be too high and support the neck area. Flat pillows and special neck support pillows are especially recommended here.

  • Pillows for side sleepers:

For side sleepers, the pillow should be slightly higher so that the cervical and thoracic spine lies straight and the resulting space between the mattress and the head is filled. Perfectly suited for this purpose are the side sleeper pillows.

  • Pillows for stomach sleepers:

For stomach sleepers, we recommend a flat pillow with little filling volume to avoid hyperextension of the neck.

What fillings are in the pillow?

  • Pillows with eiderdown filling:

The luxury class of fillings. No material in nature is warmer than the eider down with the lowest own weight at the same time. As a biological natural product breathable, self-cleaning and ecological.

  • Pillow with down filling:

The down pillow is a proven classic. Cuddly and especially warming, yet light and voluminous with high support. Suitable for allergy sufferers. NOTE: It is important to us that we only process down and feathers that come from geese and ducks that are not kept for foie gras production and that are not plucked alive. The down comes from controlled origins, is certified and guaranteed traceable.

  • Pillows with natural filling:

Virgin sheep's wool and horsehair can absorb a lot of moisture, up to 30% of its own weight, and release it quickly. The wool is dirt-repellent, neutralizes odors and is especially suitable for those who tend to sweat.

  • Pillow with stone pine filling:

Swiss stone pine flakes are mixed with down, virgin sheep's wool or cotton in the pillow. Thus, the filling remains soft and exudes with the essential oils, an aromatic scent of stone pine. All stone pine products bear the GOTS seal and come from controlled organic animal husbandry or controlled organic cultivation.

  • Pillows with fiber filling:

Pillows with fiber fillings are the first choice for allergy sufferers. They are puffable, hygienically fresh, soft and reminiscent of the feel of down.

What accessories are available for pillows?

If needed, you can also buy different pillowcases made of cotton, microfiber, satin or a cotton/elastane mix for your individual pillow filling in our webshop.

If you want to replace the pillow filling after a few years, you can also buy a replacement pillow filling made of fiber or virgin sheep's wool in our online store. A cheap and environmentally friendly solution.

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