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Neck support pillow

Neck support pillow - wonderful for head, neck and back

The right neck support pillow is a real boon for anyone who is confronted with tension and back pain. Throughout the day, our spine has to face numerous challenges. A neck pillow relieves the spine when lying down, supports it and gives it support so that it can recover and expand again overnight. Discover our many different models and designs. Individually adjustable, height adjustable and with washable cover.

The spine.

An essential ingredient for a good pillow is the regeneration of your spine during sleep. For this to happen, the right sleeping position is important. We offer a variety of neck support pillows that make it easier for you to find the perfect position and recover sufficiently during sleep.

The spine is the central supporting structural element of the human body. It not only forms the center, but also connects all other parts of the skeleton. The intervertebral discs are located between the individual vertebrae. The intervertebral discs are compressed by the load on the spine during the day. In the right sleeping position, the intervertebral discs can relax. However, if the intervertebral discs cannot relax, this leads to tension.

The sleeping position is decisive for the choice of pillow:

There are seven cervical vertebrae at the top of the human spine. The pillow ensures that all vertebrae are in a horizontal position during sleep. If the distance between the head and the mattress is too small or too high, the spine buckles and the intervertebral discs cannot expand properly.

Which neck support pillow is perfect for you?

Which neck pillow is best for you depends mainly on the interaction of your anatomy, your sleeping habits and your mattress. Depending on the width of your shoulders, you will need a different height. With soft mattresses, the entire body and therefore the shoulders sink in a lot and the distance between the head and the mattress is reduced.

  • Neck support pillows for side sleepers

In this case, the height of the head or the distance between the head and the mattress should be equalised.

  • Neck support pillows for back sleepers

As a back sleeper, you should prefer flatter pillows that optimally support the S-shape of the spine.

  • Neck support pillows for stomach sleepers

We also recommend flat neck support pillows for stomach sleepers so that the head and neck area are not overstretched.

  • Neck support pillows for waterbed sleepers

In a waterbed, your shoulders sink in particularly strongly. This also means that the distance between the head and the mattress is very small and a flat pillow is advantageous.

  • Changing sleeping positions

If you frequently change your sleeping position, circular cylinders or square cube spring sections ensure that the head is supported at specific points. In addition, a pillow with a circular cylinder section is also ideal if you are switching from a normal pillow to a neck support pillow for the first time.

  • Neck pillow

It is the ideal companion for long periods of relaxed sitting, whether on the move when travelling or comfortably in the TV armchair. Due to its curved shape, the pillow supports a gentle posture of your head and has a preventive effect against tension. It is small and handy - perfect for your pocket.

Which side is the right one for neck pillows?

Top or bottom: The distance between your head and the mattress determines whether you lie with your neck on the higher or narrower side of the neck support pillow. It is gentler on your cervical spine if your neck lies on the higher side of the pillow. This supports the straight posture of your spine. If your neck support pillow is still too high at first, it can be flexibly adjusted to the optimal height by using the different insert plates of the core.

Front or back: Not every pillow can be used on both sides. Usually, the flat side rests on the mattress and the curved wave shape supports the head. However, we also have neck pillows in our range where both sides are equally suitable for sleeping. Here, the lying height and the balanced lying position determine relaxed sleep.

Neck support cores: Many variation possibilities due to flexible construction.

A typical shape for neck support pillows is the wave shape. The filling is called the core and consists of several layers: In the 3-layer and 4-layer construction, several insert plates are placed on top of each other. The removable insert plates are used for height adjustment. In this way, neck pillows offer a wide range of variation options for optimally adapting the lying height to the body. But even more flexibility in the lying characteristics is offered by cores whose insert plates are made of different materials.

The material of the core is decisive.

It is above all in the material of the core that the lying properties differ.

Vita Talalay® natural latex

refers to a natural latex and is characterised by a particularly high elasticity. It is obtained from the milky sap of rubber trees and ensures particularly efficient air and moisture regulation in the neck support pillow. The "Cradle to Cradle®" certificate confirms the use of environmentally friendly, healthy and recyclable materials.


Our Soft-Latex neck support pillows combine the advantages of natural latex and the particularly durable synthetic latex. They offer the body a very good support function with excellent point elasticity at the same time. The integrated ventilation channels ensure that the neck support pillows are breathable and transport moisture. Latex cores have a higher heat retention than cold foam or viscoelastic foams.

Viscoelastic high-tech foam

Viscoelastic foams - often called memory foam - are made of a special polymer with a special shape memory. Due to the effect of pressure and body heat, the material adapts excellently to the body and offers precise support properties. Neck pillows made of viscoelastic foam are particularly suitable for bedrooms that are not too cool, as the memory effect works better at higher temperatures.

Cold foam

It is particularly distinguished by its durability. The cores are available in softer and firmer quality. Furthermore, it is open-pored, which is especially characterized by good breathability.

How can neck support pillows be washed and cared for?

Regardless of the type, the cores of neck support pillows are not washable. For this reason, special attention should be paid to the care of the cover. This is because a clean pillow cover prolongs the elasticity of the core. Regular washing of the pillow covers is important. Depending on the cover material, they are washable from 30°C to 95°C.

This is how easy it is to switch from a normal pillow to a neck support pillow.

If you have been sleeping on a conventional pillow up to now, you will need about two to three weeks to get used to your new neck support pillow, as your muscles in the neck area are being put under new strain. This can lead to restless sleep or even slight muscle soreness during the first few nights. This is because the neck support pillow puts you in a new healthier sleeping position and changes your sleeping habits. Once the familiarisation phase is over, you won't want to miss your billerbeck neck support pillow.

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