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You want to buy cheap comforters with high quality materials directly from the brand manufacturer? Then you are exactly right with us in the comforters SALE. Here you can find cheap warm down comforters, natural comforters with a filling of 100% cotton or silk, as well as fiber comforters that are perfectly suitable for allergy sufferers.

It all depends on the right filling.

The right filling material is crucial for the comfortable temperature under your comforter. You should be able to spend the whole night covered without sweating or freezing.
Therefore, in our comforter sale you will find a wide selection of cheap comforters with different fillings.

  • Cheap down comforter with high warming effect and the extra cuddle factor.

Down comforters are very popular and due to their filling of high-quality down and feathers, they provide a cozy and soft sleeping atmosphere. Thanks to the special structure of down, these comforters are excellent at storing heat, making them ideal for the cold season.

The balanced sleeping climate is created by the down structure in combination with the air spaces between the individual downs. As a result, the body heat is stored and not released to the surrounding air. The construction of the fine down is responsible for the moisture-regulating and breathable effect. A permanently dry sleeping climate is guaranteed. Since the inexpensive comforters with down filling can be cleaned even at high temperatures, they are ideally suited for allergy sufferers.
With great attention to detail, the down is processed in our manufactories. We attach great importance to high quality. We process in our comforters only down that comes from controlled origin and is guaranteed traceable.

In addition to cheap comforters filled with goose down, we also have comforters filled with eider down in our comforter sale.

  • Pure nature - cheap natural comforters with fillings of cotton, silk, bamboo or with the addition of Swiss stone pine flakes.

As a special feature, our range of cheap comforters also includes down comforters with an addition of Swiss stone pine flakes for restful sleep. Of course, these come from sustainable forestry and exude a pleasant scent. Quilt fillings made of natural fibers ensure completely natural sleep pleasure. We offer high-quality quilts with plant-based fillings such as bamboo or cotton, as well as quilts with natural fillings such as silk or cashmere.

  • Cheap cotton quilt - skin-friendly, robust and easy to care for

If you particularly value sustainable and purely plant-based bedding, choosing a cheap cotton comforter is exactly the right choice. The cotton filling ensures a pleasant sleeping climate thanks to its temperature-balancing properties. It quickly absorbs moisture, is extremely skin-friendly and breathable. The advantages of this natural material are effective all year round, but quilts with cotton filling are especially popular in summer. In addition, a cotton comforter is easy to care for, durable and washable at 60 °C and above. Thus, the uncomplicated filling is absolutely recommended even for allergy sufferers.

  • Cheap silk comforter - silky coolness in hot summer nights

Tussah silk is a wild silk and a particularly noble and pure natural product. Characteristic of this fabric is the silky sheen. The wearing properties of wild silk are unsurpassed among natural fibers. Hardly any fabric is more pleasant on the skin. The supple wild silk has a temperature balancing effect and is very light. In warm temperatures it provides pleasant coolness. Thanks to its fine and flowing quality, shape retention and tear resistance, elegant iridescent sheen and natural advantages, comforters filled with wild silk ensure optimal sleep on warm summer nights.

  • Cheap bamboo comforter - vegan and resource-saving

Our cheap bamboo comforters are perfect for allergy sufferers. This is because the bamboo fibers from which these blankets are made have some special features: Bamboo is exceptionally resistant to pests and fungal attack, which is why it does not need to be treated with herbicides or pesticides during growth. In addition, bamboo has an antibacterial effect, is hypoallergenic and promotes healing of dermatitis. In addition, comforters with a filling of bamboo fibers are washable at up to 60 ° C.

Bamboo quilts are characterized by excellent temperature balancing properties. They are soft and cozy, breathable and provide a cool and refreshing sleeping atmosphere on warm summer nights.

  • Cheap cashmere comforter - soft warmth from the Himalayas.

Although cashmere is a valuable raw material, we also carry cheap cashmere comforters in our comforter sale. The undercoat of the cashmere goat can absorb moisture to a special extent and also easily dissipates it. Comforters with cashmere filling are especially soft and cozy, breathable and temperature regulating. Thanks to their special properties, cheap cashmere comforters are ideal in summer and winter.

  • Cheap virgin sheep wool blanket - counting sheep times differently

Virgin sheep's wool is a natural product that can absorb moisture to a great extent and dissipate excess heat at the same time. Therefore, our cheap blankets with virgin sheep's wool filling in our quilt sale are particularly suitable for people who sweat easily. Virgin sheep's wool also has a high self-cleaning power, neutralizes odors and thus provides long-lasting and hygienic freshness.

  • Cheap fiber comforters - an all-rounder among comforter fillings.

Fiber comforters with a filling of fibers are especially popular with allergy sufferers. The easy-care quilts offer optimal sleeping pleasure and have many advantages: they can be washed at temperatures of at least 60 °C, depending on the type of fiber filling even up to 95 °C, and retain their shape even after many washes.

Thanks to their lightness and softness, fiber quilts score plus points, as do their moisture-regulating properties, breathability and ability to insulate heat.

The fiber quilts from our assortment consist, among others, of Lyocell (Tencell TM), which is extracted from cellulose, but also of in-house fibers developed by us.

Fiber comforters are not only interesting for allergy sufferers, but also vegans or people who want to do without animal components in comforters often prefer this type of comforter filling, which you can of course also buy cheaply in our online store.

Whether large or small - you have the choice: Here you will find the perfect size for your comforter.

In our blanket sale you can find cheap comforters in different sizes. In addition to the popular and most widespread standard size 135 x 200 cm, we also carry blankets measuring 155 x 200 cm. These are especially suitable for people who like to snuggle into their comforter. In addition to the standard length of 200 cm, these wide blankets are also available in the format 155 x 220 cm for larger people.

Moreover, in our blankets sale we also have cheap comforters for double beds and oversized beds. The standard size of comforters for double beds is 200 x 200cm. We additionally carry wider comforters with the comfort dimensions 200 x 220cm as well as the extra length 220 x 220 cm, under which two people can sleep comfortably and relaxed. Comforters with comfort dimensions 220 x 240 cm and 240 x 260 cm are especially suitable for oversize and extra-wide double beds or in case more than two people should sleep under the comforter.

It should be noted with double comforters that the temperature sensation of all persons sleeping under the comforter should be similar to ensure a comfortable night's rest.

Heat levels or season?

It is so easy to find a favorable comforter for a comfortable sleeping climate.

For a perfect temperature balance in different seasons, we recommend you to go by the different heat levels. However, the room temperature is not the only decisive factor in making the right choice. First and foremost, your individual comfort temperature under the comforter is decisive.

  • In summer, summer-light or light comforters are particularly recommended. Due to special fillings such as silk, inexpensivesummer comforters have a cooling effect and thus ensure a pleasant sleeping climate on warm summer nights.
  • In the cold season, your choice should fall on a cheap warm or extra-warmwinter comforter. Cozy soft down comforters provide extra warmth in cold temperatures.
  • For bedrooms where the temperature is roughly consistent throughout the year, an inexpensiveall-season comforter with a medium warmth rating is best.
  • A cheap4-season comforter will give you the right feel-good warmth all year round. This two-piece comforter is also called duet comforter. As a single comforter it reaches a medium warmth level and as a double comforter it is extra warm.

And even more affordable bedding for many good nights!

How about, for example, a matching pillow, a cozy pillow or a soft topper for your relaxed and restful sleep? In our online store you can buy many more bedding cheap online.

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