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Side pillow sleeping

Our side sleeper pillow is also very popular as a pregnancy pillow and breastfeeding pillow

How important the right pillow for your own sleep needs is, you often only realize when you have found the best one for you and experience the big difference in your own body. Tension and headaches in the morning are a thing of the past and sleep becomes deep and restful all at once. For all those who like to lie on their side, we offer special pillows for side sleepers for sale in our online shop. Once tried, pregnant women and new mothers will not want to do without such a side sleeper, pregnancy or breastfeeding pillow.

What are side sleeper pillows or pregnancy pillows?

Our side sleeper pillow SINUS is a 130 cm long, rather flat pillow with a diameter of 30 cm. The pillow for side sleepers can be placed parallel to the body in addition to the normal pillow and can be embraced by arms and legs. The curved wave shape adapts perfectly to the contours of the body.

What are the advantages of side sleeper pillows?

More than half of all people - about 60% - sleep in a side position rather than on their stomach or back. The pillow ensures that the person sleeping on their side aligns themselves in a straight, ergonomic position that is healthy for the spine. Pressure points are avoided and the neck muscles can relax. The pillow provides support and also reduces frequent tossing and turning while sleeping. Sleeping on your side also reduces snoring and also offers relief to sufferers of back, hip or knee problems. Sleeping on your left side is also a proven remedy for heartburn and basically makes breathing easier.

Our side sleeper pillow is also suitable for allergy sufferers, as this pillow contains a fibre filling and can be washed at 60°C. The fibre filling makes it particularly soft. Because of the fibre filling, it is particularly soft, dimensionally stable, cuddly and breathable, which ensures an excellent microclimate. You can also use pillows for side sleepers as a bumper against the wall. They are particularly romantic as a shared partner pillow. As you can see, the possible uses are quite varied and practical.

Why are pregnancy pillows or nursing pillows so popular with expectant mothers?

During pregnancy, especially in the third trimester when the baby bump gets bigger, the side sleeping position is the most comfortable. Pregnant women swear by the side-sleeper pillow, which is therefore also called pregnancy pillow, because it supports the baby's belly while lying down, especially due to its S-shape. After the birth of the child, mothers like to use the pillow as a breastfeeding pillow in order to position the baby higher during breastfeeding.

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