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Pillow - Sleep like a dream

A pillow is perhaps the most important part of the bed and should be chosen with special care, because our sensitive head and neck area rests on the pillow all night long. A poorly fitting pillow can lead to tension, headaches and miserable sleep quality. The optimal pillow, however, will let you sleep deeply and restfully so that you start the day full of energy the next morning. Thus, it is of utmost importance that you find a pillow that supports your head, neck and shoulders so that the spine is relieved. Let us advise you and buy your new pillow conveniently online.

The right pillow for every sleeping position

It is important that you match the pillow to your preferred sleeping position.

  • Back sleeper:

    If you sleep mainly on your back, you need a firm pillow that supports the neck and is rather flat.
  • Side sleepers:

    If you tend to sleep on your side, it is important that your spine is straight and the area between your head and the mattress is sufficiently padded.
  • Stomach sleepers:

    If you like to sleep on your stomach, you should use a flat, soft pillow so that the neck area is not overstretched.

Which pillow filling is the best?

Our pillows are available with a wide variety of fillings. Down pillows are still particularly popular. Goose down and feathers are available in both conventional and organic quality, all from demonstrably controlled and certified animal husbandry. We also offer pillows filled with 100% virgin sheep's wool, with 100% horsehair and other natural fillings. You will have a particularly restful sleep with our pillows filled with Swiss stone pine flakes, whose essential oils exude a pleasant aromatic scent of Swiss stone pine, or with our luxurious eiderdown pillows. Allergy sufferers and other people who like to clean their pillows more often and attach great importance to special hygiene swear by fiber fillings.

These fillings each bring their advantageous material properties, set in a cover made of cotton, satin, silk or fiber. The materials shine with an outstanding microclimate. This means, for example, that excess heat and moisture are expelled, so they are breathable and temperature-balancing and moisture-friendly. A high self-cleaning power brings especially animal hair such as wool or horsehair already by nature.

What types of pillows can you buy online from us?

What is a 3-chamber down pillow?

As the name suggests, a 3-chamber pillow includes three chambers. These areas within the pillow are filled with different materials. Built up, such a pillow is usually with a firmer inner area enclosed by a softer one at the top and bottom. It's the mixture that makes the difference. For example, the outer chamber contains 90% down and 10% feathers, while the inner chamber contains 70% feathers and 30% down. The inner chamber supports the head and provides stability, while the outer chamber is responsible for soft comfort.

The bolster - a boon for the neck and spine.

Back and neck pain have unfortunately become a real widespread disease. A pillow that is too high or mattresses that are too soft lead to painful tension. This is not always due to unsuitable bedding. Sometimes, however, the remedy can be quite easy. A bolster offers relief to the neck and back muscles, relieving the stressed areas at night. With its compact size, its effect is concentrated on the neck alone as opposed to large pillows where the head and neck are unevenly supported. Thus, a bolster can be used alone or in conjunction with a pillow.

You can find the following pillow sizes in our assortment:

They come in square and rectangular formats, as well as bolsters.

Pillow size:

The standard size for pillows in Germany is 80 x 80 cm, a popular pillow size is also the 40 x 80 cm format.

  • 40 x 40
  • 40 x 80
  • 50 x 50
  • 60 x 80
  • 40 x 60
  • 80 x 80
  • 70 x 90

Size bolster:

  • Our bolsters are 40 x 15 cm in size.

Size 3-chamber pillow:

You can buy a 3-chamber down pillow from us in the following sizes:

  • 40 x 80
  • 60 x 80
  • 80 x 80
  • 70 x 90

What support should a pillow have?

In addition to the sleeping position, it is also a matter of taste whether you prefer a firm, supportive pillow or prefer to sink into fluffy softness. A certain amount of support is beneficial in any case to keep your head and spine aligned straight. We offer pillows in the following firmness levels:

  • Extra soft: softness and suppleness par excellence.
  • Soft: Cozy, but slightly firmer than "extra soft".
  • Medium: Snug and supportive, the middle ground between softness and firmness.
  • Firm: Firm, supportive and comfortable.
  • Extra Firm: Particularly supportive and firm with a soft surface.

Wash pillows or discard and buy new.

Basically, regular care determines the life of a pillow. Down pillows and fiber pillows can usually be washed at home in your own washing machine and dried with a dryer.
Some natural fillings are not suitable for washing. Please always follow the instructions on the care label. However, even with optimal care, every material ages. Depending on the condition of the pillow, it should be replaced about every three to five years, or when you have the impression that the positive noticeably diminished properties.

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