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All-season duvets

All-season blankets

All-season blankets - one blanket for all occasions

It doesn't get any more uncomplicated or comfortable than this. A blanket that fits all year round and that you don't have to change. All-season blankets make it possible.

What is an all-season blanket and how does it work?

The all-season blanket is an all-rounder among blankets. With it, you are prepared for all eventualities, because it has a balanced temperature thanks to sophisticated and optimised filling materials and can be used in the bedroom all year round.

Our recommendation for all-season duvets

The advantages of an all-season duvet are obvious. You only need one simple purchase and save yourself the trouble of changing the blanket several times a year. If you like it simple and uncomplicated and are not exposed to large temperature fluctuations, an all-season duvet is a very good choice. A balanced bedroom temperature is best suited for this.

Warmth performance of all-season duvets

All-season duvets, in order to be able to cope with all seasons and their temperatures, are located in the middle range of warmth levels and are perfect for you if you do not tend to freeze or sweat when sleeping. Accordingly, an all-season duvet is perfectly adequate for normal warmth needs. If you look at our list of warmth points and warmth levels here , you will find these blankets at warmth point 3 in the "medium" warmth level. The construction is "Uno", for down duvets correspondingly "Mono", as also found in duvets for the transitional seasons.

Fillings for all-season duvets:

Eider down

  • The warmest down from the polar circle. Eider down is collected in Iceland and elaborately processed by hand. Highest warmth retention, breathable, incredibly light and a limited luxury good.


  • Of course, the down comforter must not be missing among the year-round blankets. It is soft, light and cuddly and at the same time particularly warm and easy to care for. Always a good choice!


  • Enjoy the special and natural properties with all their advantages. Because for the completely natural sleep and lovers of natural fibres we offer you a large selection of duvet fillings: from sheep's wool, camel hair and cashmere to purely vegetable, vegan fillings such as cotton, soya or Salomea - seaweed.


  • GOTS-certified duvets are available with organic cotton, organic virgin sheep's wool and with the addition of Swiss stone pine flakes.


  • Textile fibers or hollow fibers are particularly suitable for allergy sufferers, they are hygienic, cuddly and odorless. These include the cellulose-based Lycocell/Tencel and our specially developed fibre blankets filled with AIRSOFT®, AIRTEC® and AIRMAGIC®.

In which sizes are all-season duvets available?

We offer a wide range of quilts in various formats and sizes:

- 140 x 220 cm-
155 x 200cm-

135x 200 cm-

155 x 220cm- 200 x 200 cm- 200 x 220 cm- 220 x 220 cm- 220 x

240cm- 240 x

260cm- 240

x240 cm.

How to wash and care for all-season blankets?

The correct care of the blankets depends on the filling and the cover material. Please refer to the care instructions in our online shop under the product description, in the encyclopaedia or blog.

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