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The quilt that fits me perfectly.

The comforter warms us at night and gives us the feeling of comfortably watching over our sleep. There are comforters in countless varieties with the most diverse fillings. We advise you here in this overview and show you which comforter is just right for you.

What properties should a comforter have?

The comforter should keep us warm and ensure a constant body temperature. Its material should be breathable to prevent heat accumulation or heat and sweating. It should regulate moisture by absorbing and releasing it.

The seasons with their temperatures should also be taken into account, so a distinction is usually made between a summer comforter, winter comforter or all-season comforter. In addition, the 4-season comforters are also very popular. This allows you to react quite individually to temperature fluctuations and customize the comforter according to your heat needs. Of course, your personal preferences play a big role in this: do you like a particularly warm blanket or would you rather have a blanket that is light in summer? Do you prefer an easy-care fiber comforter or would you prefer it to be made of naturally vegan plant fibers? Are you allergic? Are you looking for a quilt that is particularly moisture-friendly or temperature compensating? All this should be taken into account when choosing. This way, nothing will stand in the way of a deep and restful sleep.

How do I find the right size of a comforter?

The rule of thumb says: you should be able to snuggle into the comforter well and also be completely covered when stretched out. That's why choosing the right blanket size depends mainly on your body size. For people up to about 1.75 m, the standard sizefor a com forter 135 x 200 cm is suitable. Those who are taller will appreciate the comfort of a 155 x 220 cm comforter.

We also offer comforters in the following formats. The 200 x 200 cm square comforter is also available in extra length in a comforter size of 200 x 220 cm or 220 x 220 cm. For the double bed size we offer the comforters in comfort size 220 x 240 cm. Royal space is offered by the king size comforter at 240 x 260 cm.

We would also be happy to manufacture quilts in special sizes for you - according to your individual wishes. Simply contact us personally.

The quilt filling: The inner life influences your sleeping comfort.

An essential part of the quilt is its filling. We have compiled a brief overview of the advantages of the filling materials for you:

  • Comforterwith eiderdown: the most valuable among downs are the extremely rare eiderdowns. The resulting luxury comforter impresses with its unique warmth and lightness at very low weight. Especially suitable for people who prefer to sleep warm.
  • Comforterwith down: they form the basis for cozy sleep pleasure and are characterized by high heat retention. This makes the comforter especially suitable for people who freeze easily. It is cuddly soft, light, voluminous and suitable for allergy sufferers.
  • Comforter with cashmere: with it you will sleep at the highest level. The hair of the cashmere goat is particularly soft and fine. It provides an optimal temperature balance, is moisture-friendly with a high heat retention capacity.
  • Comforter with silk: The noble and smooth Tussah silk acts like a cool breeze in summer. Because the comforter filling is moisture regulating and has high breathability.
  • Comforter with virginsheep's wool: virgin sheep's wool is known for its long-lasting freshness and high self-cleaning power. In addition, it is particularly temperature balancing and is characterized by excellent moisture absorption and release during sleep. For this reason, this blanket is especially suitable for people who sweat a lot at night.
  • Comforter with cotton: the purely vegetable comforter filling is especially preferred by vegans and allergy sufferers. It is skin-friendly and known for very good moisture absorption and perfect temperature balance.
  • Comforter with Swiss stone pine: In the comforter, small Swiss stone pine flakes are mixed with down, virgin sheep's wool or cotton. This makes the filling pleasantly soft. All Swiss stone pine products are GOTS certified and come from controlled organic animal husbandry or controlled organic cultivation.
  • Comforter with camel hair: The delicate and fluffy camel hair is collected and processed by hand. It is very cuddly and popular as a comforter filling because of its temperature-balancing effect and very good moisture regulation.
  • Comforter with bamboo: Is a sustainable plant fiber and known for very good moisture absorption and release. In the light comforter, bamboo has a cooling and temperature balancing effect. Ideal for the summer season.
  • Comforterwith fiber:Comforters with fiber fillings are very versatile and are ideal not only for allergy sufferers. Depending on the material composition, they are puffy, hygienically fresh, cuddly and have a down-like feel.

Selected materials for comforter covers.

Selected covers support the functional properties of your comforter and give you a pleasant feeling on your skin.

  • Silk: In summer and for the warmer months of the year, silk is not only suitable as a filling material for a comforter, but also excellent as a cover material for a light and at the same time cooling comforter. At the same time, it impresses with its extremely breathable and moisture-regulating properties. This makes the exclusive cover fabric particularly suitable for people who sweat quickly and want to enjoy dry and temperature-balancing sleeping comfort even in the warm summer months.
  • Cotton: The natural plant fiber is known for its skin-friendly properties. This makes it very popular as a cover material for comforters, as it is particularly suitable for sensitive skin. Noteworthy is the very good moisture absorption and optimal moisture transport. Even though the comforter absorbs up to 20% of its weight in moisture, it still feels dry. Thus, this comforter cover is best suited for people who tend to sweat at night. Besides, cotton is soft, durable, easy to clean and washable up to 90° C.
  • Fiber: fiber material for cover material has some advantages. It is particularly easy to maintain, because it is easy to wash and dry quickly. Textile fibers effectively wick away moisture and provide little surface for mites to attack. That is why they are highly appreciated by allergy sufferers.

The different weaves of comforter cover material:

  • Batiste: Batiste is a fine-threaded, high-quality fabric in plain weave and is shown to be light, thin and firm and nestles comfortably against the skin. The popular easy-care cotton batiste can be washed at 60 °C.
  • Einschütte: Einschütte is a light, breathable and durable cotton fabric in plain weave for quilts with down and feathers. The down-proof fabric fixes the filling and prevents it from leaking out.
  • Percale: The simple cotton fabric percale in plain weave is particularly suitable for fiber fillings. The material has a cool feel and is therefore popular for summer quilts. Percale is somewhat denser than batiste and therefore more durable.
  • Satin: Satin impresses with its sheen, which is created by the smooth and closed fabric surface. From matte to very shiny, there are many different variations in the cover material. Satin feels cool to the touch and ensures a comfortable temperature in the bed, especially in summer.
  • Jacquard: The luxurious and elaborately produced jacquard fabric shows large-scale, varied, usually complicated patterns that are not printed, but woven. It is made of 100% cotton or 100% silk. Silk jacquard is used, for example, in high-quality eiderdown quilts.

What is the construction of a comforter?

The construction of a comforter has a direct effect on the heat retention and the climate in the bed. Below we will show you what differences there are in the construction of comforters.

Fiber and natural fiber quilts

  • Quilts

Warmth level 1 - summer light and 2 - light
Quilts are summer quilts, which are quilted in many different variants with patterns. They can be, for example, circles, lines or original motifs. Due to their light weight, they are ideal for hot outdoor temperatures in summer.

  • UNO quilt

Heat level 3 - medium

The filling of fiber blankets and natural blankets are processed into fleece. In this case, the number of layers of fleece on top of each other is what counts. In the case of the Uno quilt, only one layer of fleece is processed as the quilt filling. This makes this blanket with medium warmth level perfect for the transitional period.

  • DUO comforter

Warmth level 4 - warm

DUO comforters are typical for fiber and natural hair comforters and are very popular in winter. In duo quilts, two layers are firmly connected to each other. These enclose a cushion of air that retains body heat and, in turn, insulates the sleeper from outside cold.

  • DUO plus comforter

Warmth level 5 - warm+

The Duo plus comforter is the warmer version of the previous Duo comforter. At the same time, the structure and functioning are identical. This is because here, too, two layers of the comforter filling are joined together. The cavity created between the two fleeces is filled with air, which is warmed by our body heat.

  • DUETT comforter

Heat level 5 - warm+(composed of heat level 2 and 3)

In a 4-season quilt - also called a combination quilt - a light quilt - heat level 2 and a quilt with medium heat level 3 are buttoned together to make a warm winter quilt with heat level 5. Individually, one can be used as a summer quilt, the other as a quilt for the transitional period.

  • TRIO comforter

Warmth level 5 - warm+

The Trio comforter reinforces the Duo comforter with another layer, reaching the highest level of warmth. Here, there is an even more effective insulating air cushion.

DAUNEN comforter

  • Comforter or checked blanket

Warmth level 1 - summer light to 3 - medium

Both blankets have many quilted checks to prevent the down filling from slipping. They have a low weight. A check quilt is a light down quilt for summer use.

  • MONO comforter

Warmth level 3 - medium

In these single-layer blankets, the cover fabric is quilted through, as in the case of the light blanket. Mono quilts are best suited for transitional seasons and constant temperature bedrooms.

  • Cassette blanket

Warmth level 5 - warm+

These blankets got their name from the individual cassettes, i.e. from the square, separated areas. The cassettes are individually filled with down in a complex handwork. Unlike quilts, these cassettes are separated from each other with small bars. This prevents the formation of cold bridges. Due to the bars, the filling can puff up and does not slip. The higher the bar is, the more down or feathers can be filled in and the warmer the cassette blanket is.

A blanket with the designation "Cassette II" has a bar 2 cm wide, a "Cassette IV" has 4 cm, accordingly "Cassette VI" has 6 cm and "Cassette X" has 10 cm. Cassette quilts provide the highest levels of warmth.

  • DUETT comforter:

Warmth level 5 - warm+(composed of heat levels 1 and 3)

With this 4-season comforter, a summer-light comforter with heat level 1 is combined with a medium-warm comforter heat level 3 to form a wonderfully warm comforter. The individual blankets can be used according to the season as a summer light blanket or as a transitional blanket.

What is the best way to wash a comforter?

The most important point for every comforter, regardless of whether it is a down, fiber or natural comforter: Please always follow the instructions that you will find on the care label on the hem of the comforter.

Regular care of any comforter includes shaking it out and airing it in the morning. This allows any remaining moisture to escape and the inner structure to unfold again. It is essential to make sure that the down comforter is touched on the wide side when shaking it up.

  • Down comforters can be washed at 60 °C and should be tumble dried. Please note our detailed washing instructions in the Blog post.
  • The same applies tofiber quilts, some of which can even be washed at up to 95 °C. Here, too, we offer washing instructions in the Blog post.
  • Natural hair comforters benefit from the self-cleaning powers of animal hair and should not be washed at all, only aired.

Your needs determine the comforter

Everyone has different sleep needs. When thinking about which comforter is right for you, it's best to put those very needs and preferences at the center of your selection.

Are you more prone to freezing or do you like to sleep with the window open even in winter, then probably a blanket with higher heat output is best for you. Do you love heavy protective blankets or cloudy light ones? Then you may be faced with a choice between a virgin wool blanket and a down blanket. Do you have a house dust allergy and therefore need a particularly hygienic blanket that can often be washed at high temperatures? Then you are in good hands with a fiber blanket. Do you sweat when you sleep? Here, for example, natural blankets can work wonders and provide optimal temperature balance and best moisture management.

When buying a comforter - do good for the environment

Environmental compatibility, animal welfare and sustainability in general do not stop at the topic of bedding. We offer a wide selection of comforters with GOTS label (Global Organic Textile Standard), organic comforters and vegan comforters. This is the selection we offer:

  • Comforter with organic goose down and feathers.

Our organic down comes exclusively from responsible and traceable sources, i.e. from certified organic livestock and never from live animals.

  • Comforter with 100% organic virgin sheep's wool

Organic virgin sheep's wool - for heavy, puffy and protective comforters with all the benefits this natural material offers.

  • Comforter with 100% organic cotton

It is also possible without animal components - vegan - namely with cotton.

  • Comforter with Swiss stone pine flakes

The wood of the Swiss stone pine is full of essential oils. Swiss stone pine flakes together with organic virgin sheep's wool or organic down make a wonderful comforter for restful sleep.

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