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Anti allergy beddings

Children's blanket and pillow suitable for allergy sufferers - finally relaxed sleep again

Allergies are unfortunately becoming more and more common and even children are not immune to them. A runny nose and problems falling asleep or sleeping through the night torment not only adult allergy sufferers, allergic reactions to house dust mites also lead to these symptoms in children. The regeneration during sleep, which is so important for children, can only take place to a limited extent and with greater difficulty under these circumstances. A fiasco for affected children, because restful sleep is essential for healthy mental and physical development at a young age.

Fortunately, there is a remedy. In our billerbeck online shop you will find bedding especially for allergy sufferers and you can also buy it online with just a few clicks. Whether allergy sufferer children's blanket or allergy sufferer pillow for children, there are different versions of both in our extensive range.

Allergic children's blanket and allergic children's pillow: What is important to consider?

Even with children, it is important to make the bed as unattractive as possible for dust mites. Because the formula for success is relatively simple: fewer mites means fewer allergic reactions. Therefore, an allergy kids blanket and allergy kids pillow, which are specially designed to meet the special needs of children with allergies, are definitely the bedding of choice here.

Food and moisture are essential for the survival of dust mites. The tiny mites feed on skin flakes found in our beds. After sleeping, an allergy sufferer children's blanket as well as the allergy sufferer children's pillow should be regularly shaken out and sufficiently aired. Special bedding for allergy sufferers is particularly breathable and moisture-regulating and thus creates a dry sleeping climate in which the allergy-causing dust mites do not feel at all comfortable.

Allergic children's blankets and allergic children's pillows: Washability is essential

Another important point is the cleaning of a children's allergy blanket and a children's allergy pillow: Both bedding items should be washable at a minimum of 60 °C, as this is the only way to guarantee that the mites are successfully killed. A tightly woven and washable cover also prevents mites from penetrating the bedding. Our billerbeck children's allergy blankets and children's allergy pillows combine all these criteria and are therefore the ideal bedding for children suffering from allergies.

What fillings are available for allergy sufferer children's blankets and allergy sufferer children's pillows?

There are different materials that are suitable as fillings for allergy-suffering children's blankets and allergy-suffering children's pillows and that meet the special requirements of these bedding products.

Allergic children's blanket and allergic children's pillow with down filling

Children sleep soft and cosy under an allergy blanket and on an allergy pillow with down filling. These are particularly light and cosy and are characterised by excellent moisture management. Thanks to their natural properties, down and feathers are dirt-repellent and can be washed at 60 °C without any problems - ideal for an allergy-suffering children's blanket and an allergy-suffering children's pillow.

Allergic children's blanket with cotton filling

As a natural and vegetable filling material, cotton scores points in an allergy blanket for children due to its excellent moisture-regulating abilities and skin-friendly feel. In addition, an allergy blanket with a cotton filling can be washed regularly and without problems at 95 °C and then dried in the dryer. Even after many washing and drying processes, the allergy blanket always keeps its shape and convinces with its robustness and durability.

Allergic children's blanket and allergic children's pillow with fibre filling

Fibres are suitable as filling for allergy-suffering children's pillows and allergy-suffering children's blankets due to their breathability and the fact that they can be washed at 60 °C, depending on the filling even at 95 °C. Even frequent washing and drying is possible. Our allergy blankets for children and allergy pillows for children also survive frequent washing and drying without damage and still keep their shape without the filling clumping or felting.

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