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Anti allergy mattress

Mattresses suitable for allergy sufferers - breathe freely and sleep relaxed

Bedding tailored to the needs of allergy sufferers creates a climate that is as mite-unfriendly as possible and thus provides relief from symptoms and allergy-free sleeping. In our billerbeck online shop you can quickly and easily buy mattresses suitable for allergy sufferers online.

What is important in a mattress suitable for allergy sufferers?

Breathability and excellent moisture-regulating properties are criteria that should absolutely apply to a mattress suitable for allergy sufferers. Since mites need a moist climate in addition to sufficient food to survive, a mattress must not only be able to absorb the moisture released by the sleeper during the night, but also to release it again. In breathable mattresses the air can circulate well. An excess of heat and moisture is thus always dissipated and a dry sleeping climate is created in which mites do not feel at all comfortable.

In addition, a mattress suitable for allergy sufferers should be encased in a removable cover that can be washed at 60 °C. The cover must be washed at a minimum temperature of 60 °C. Only a washing temperature of at least 60 °C reliably kills mites. In combination with a rather cool room temperature of about 18 to 20 °C and a low humidity of about 40 to 60 % in the sleeping rooms, the number of mites in the mattress is kept as low as possible.

Which mattresses are suitable for allergy sufferers?

There are various types of mattress in our large billerbeck range that are suitable for allergy sufferers. Our Basic and Classic ranges in particular are suitable for allergy sufferers.
We would like to introduce these to you below.

Tons pocket spring core mattresses suitable for allergy sufferers

A barrel pocket spring core mattress has a very special allergy-friendly structure that makes it extremely breathable and moisture-balancing. Inside the mattress there are several hundred special and bulbous shaped barrel pocket springs, which are individually sewn into fabric bags. This ensures that a barrel pocket spring mattress is extremely comfortable, cosy and springy to lie on. A cover made of cold foam ensures that you do not feel the individual springs when lying down.

The combination of the barrel pocket spring core and the cold foam cover supports the body optimally and precisely when lying down and at the same time creates a dry climate in which mites find no basis for life. Combined with a cover that is washable at 60 °C, as in the Basic and Classic series, barrel pocket spring core mattresses are ideal for allergy sufferers.

Memory foam/Visco foam mattress suitable for allergy sufferers

Viscoelastic high-tech foam or memory foam is breathable, moisture-balancing, allergy-friendly and adapts excellently to the contours of the body thanks to its very special properties. Since memory foam reacts to pressure and warmth, heavier parts of the body sink deeper into the bed than lighter parts. Due to this special structure, a memory foam mattress has an excellent point elasticity and an optimal pressure relief.
Our memory foam mattresses consist of a highly elastic cold foam core, which is covered on both sides with viscoelastic thermal foam sheets.

The mattress cover of the Basic and Classic series consists of a 60 °C washable fibre cover, making these visco foam mattresses ideal for allergy sufferers.

Cold foam mattress suitable for allergy sufferers

Cold foam mattresses have an open-pored structure, through which the air can circulate excellently, whereby absorbed moisture can also be removed very well. The resulting dry and clean sleeping climate is one reason why allergy sufferers like to use a cold foam mattress. In addition, cold foam mattresses provide a pleasant and extremely cozy lying comfort.

In this case, the Basic and Classic series are suitable for allergy sufferers, because the mattress cover made of fibre is washable at 60 °C and thus gives mites no chance.

Comfort foam mattress suitable for allergy sufferers

A comfort foam mattress can also score points with allergy sufferers. Due to the particularly large and open pores in the comfort foam core, these mattresses have excellent air circulation and moisture management. Conditions that are bad for mites but good for allergy sufferers. Comfort foam mattresses are also characterised by excellent point elasticity and pressure relief, promising a cosy and snug lying comfort.

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