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Visco foam mattress - Dreamlike sleep on high-tech foam

Associating a mattress with space travel may seem surprising at first glance. But if the mattress is one with a core made of memory foam, the path between the bed and outer space is not as far as one might think. That's because visco foam was originally developed for space travel, to compensate for the incredible pressure in space suits that astronauts are subjected to during takeoff and landing.

Memory foam mattress: supernatural comfort

These special properties of memory foam - also known as Visco foam - are now also being used in everyday life on earth, namely in pillows and mattresses. Memory foam mattresses impress with their excellent point elasticity and their extraordinary supportive force and promise a pleasant and extremely comfortable lying experience. We guarantee that with a visco foam mattress you will experience a sleeping experience that seems to be out of this world.

But what exactly makes a visco foam mattress so unique and innovative? What are the advantages of space foam and for whom are visco foam mattresses particularly suitable? You can find out all this and much more here in our billerbeck online store. By the way: If you have found the visco foam mattress that is perfectly tailored to you in our online store, you can easily buy it directly online here with just a few clicks.

What is memory foam?

Memory foam is a thermoelastic high-tech foam with an open-pored cell structure that yields to pressure and body heat and thus adapts to the contours of the body. At the same time, Visco foam shows a slow and sluggish reaction. An imprint, for example of a hand, remains on Visco foam for some time before the material reverts to its original shape. Because of this memory effect, Visco foam is also known as memory foam.

What are the properties of a visco foam mattress?

A visco foam mattress adapts perfectly to the contours of the body. The head, shoulders and buttocks are relatively heavy in humans and therefore sink deeply into the mattress. Lighter parts of the body, on the other hand, must be adequately supported. A Visco foam mattress fulfills all these criteria, since the foam really only yields where pressure and heat are released accordingly. As a result, heavier body parts sink deeper into the mattress than lighter ones. Due to these special properties, visco foam mattresses also have excellent point elasticity and extraordinary pressure relief. On the one hand, they provide soft and pleasant lying comfort, while at the same time optimally supporting and stabilizing the body. Thanks to their positive properties, visco foam mattresses can be easily combined with adjustable slatted frames, unlike some other types of mattresses.

How are billerbeck visco foam mattresses constructed?

Visco foam mattresses are not made of 100% pure visco foam, because then you would sink much too deep into the mattress. Every movement and every standing up would be far too strenuous. That's why billerbeck visco foam mattresses consist of a durable, highly elastic and supportive cold foam core, which is covered on both sides with a viscoelastic thermal foam sheet with a 7-zone cube cut.

Memory foam mattress: Well supported through the night

The billerbeck memory foam mattresses have 7 ergonomic lying zones through which the head, neck, shoulders, lumbar region, pelvis, thighs, calves and feet are optimally supported. Depending on the model, up to 3 special core inserts made of cold foam are incorporated into the mattress to provide additional support and comfort. Thanks to numerous perforations in the cold foam core, the mattress is always optimally ventilated, which increases breathability.

A removable and 60 °C washable cover made of high-quality double cloth with all-around zipper completes our visco foam mattresses. The double cloth consists of a hard-wearing and easy-care cotton/polyester mixture quilted with 100% polyester and lined with AIRSOFT® fiber. Depending on the model, the cover has underlining made of AIRSOFT® fiber and PU foam, which ensures optimal dimensional stability.

The advantages of a Visco foam mattress: High quality, long-lasting and at the same time so comfortable

The density is also important for a visco foam mattress. It indicates how much a cubic meter of the mattress material weighs in kilograms. A high volume weight is therefore a sign of durability, high quality and excellent point elasticity, but also means that the mattress is rather heavy. All billerbeck visco foam mattresses have a volume weight of 50 kg/m³.

Visco foam mattress: Absolutely allergy-friendly

Interesting for allergy sufferers: the combination of cold foam core and viscoelastic thermo layer in particular does not offer dust mites good living conditions.

Our billerbeck visco foam mattresses are therefore ideal for allergy sufferers. They are easy to care for, durable and of course can be used on both sides. In addition, the mattresses are available in the comfort heights 20 cm, 22 cm and 28 cm, depending on the product.

For whom is a visco foam mattress suitable?

Stomach sleepers lie just as comfortably on a visco foam mattress as back sleepers or side sleepers. The high adaptability of viscoelastic thermal foam sheets ensures restful nights in any sleeping position.

Memory foam mattress: Pain sufferers can breathe a sigh of relief

Those who have problems with the spine, joints or circulation are just as well advised to use a visco foam mattress as people who suffer from tension, back pain or pain in the neck and shoulder area. Since a hollow is formed to fit the body when lying down, quiet sleepers usually feel more comfortable on a memory foam mattress than those who move and toss around a lot and frequently at night.

Visco foam mattress: cozy warmth even for people who are sensitive to the cold

Since a visco foam mattress insulates heat, these mattresses are especially suitable for those who tend to freeze at night. For those who sweat a lot or prefer it cooler at night, we recommend rather a pocket spring core or a pure cold foam mattress.
With visco foam mattresses, the following generally applies: the higher the temperature, the softer the thermal foam becomes. Therefore, a visco foam mattress can feel harder in cool bedrooms, but rather soft at higher room temperatures. At about 18 °C, the positive properties of a visco foam mattress come into their own best and nothing stands in the way of a restful night.

In which sizes are Visco foam mattresses available?

You can get billerbeck visco foam mattresses in the following sizes:

  • 90 x 190 cm
  • 90 x 200 cm
  • 100 x 200 cm
  • 120 x 200 cm
  • 140 x 200 cm
  • 160 x 200 cm

In which hardness grades can I buy a billerbeck memory foam mattress?

Our billerbeck mattresses are available in hardness grades H2 and H3, depending on the model and size.

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